Sep 30, 2016

In October of 2015, GoPro officially launched a program that would reward the GoPro community for sharing their best GoPro photos, raw video clips and video edits for inclusion in GoPro Channel programming, licensing and more. Since then, GoPro has encouraged all its customers, be they enthusiasts or production professionals, to participate by pursuing their interests, capturing their experiences with a GoPro and submitting their most compelling moments for an opportunity to be awarded a spotlight and, even better, cash.

And while we were confident that the GoPro community would respond, we are overwhelmed by the incredible amount of amazing content that has been submitted since the GoPro Awards launch, and how much it increases every day. 

Content Floater

Now, we are so proud to announce that GoPro has awarded over $1,000,000 to the Creator Community in less than a year! 

When the GoPro Awards launched, founder and CEO Nick Woodman said, “Our customers are some of the most creative people on the planet. A key component of our programming strategy is user-generated content. GoPro Awards creates exciting opportunities for our customers. Whether it’s helping them monetize their content in the form of financial rewards, helping to license their content to other businesses, or helping them get more exposure through our global social and media distribution channels, we’re dedicated to sharing with our community. We believe this program enables our customers to further pursue their passions.”

For a prime example of whom Woodman refers, look no further than Bia Atkins of Hawaii. Since the Awards’ inception, Bia has been awarded $14,000 for her photos and has been invited to join GoPro on location as well as take part in pilot programs. An amazing mother and wife, Bia plans her days with her son Zion based on what great moments she can capture with her GoPro. No matter what she and the family are doing, she is capturing it all.

Like Bia, independent filmmaker, cinematographer and world traveler, Matt Gewirtz never leaves home without his GoPro. Matt has made multiple trips around the world helping less fortunate communities by providing education, kindness and creating awareness for those in need. In capturing his philanthropic travels, Matt has received Awards for two of his edited video submissions. Now, Matt is heading back to Uganda with the new GoPro Omni spherical rig to try his hand at shooting immersive VR content. Primarily, he will be helping to provide security in small villages by way of fixing locks, gates, and providing safety education, but he will also be capturing the moment in full VR, so he may bring a new perspective to those in need in Uganda.

Every day, GoPro continues to be inspired by users like Bia and Matt, both with the content they share and the lives they lead. If you would like to share your world, please visit and submit.