Aug 10, 2016

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Since founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman introduced his first wrist-mounted camera over a decade ago, GoPro has been inspiring people to be a Hero; to capture that perfect moment of you doing you. Years and many camera and software advancements later, GoPro has fostered an incredible community of users, capturing what they love to do. 

Today, GoPro continues to be inspired and motivated by the creativity and passion of its customers, and in turn, we have created the GoPro Awards to celebrate those who take our products to new heights. To date, GoPro has awarded over $1 million to the creator community for the videos and photos they share with us. Every day, we are introduced to new Heroes, as well as reacquainted with our longtime ones. 

Proud husband and father of five, Branden Bingham (above with his family), is a perfect example of our creative community Heroes. Hailing from Pleasant Grove, Utah, Branden loves using his GoPro to capture the most important people in his life: his wife and kids. His devotion to his family and his passion for documenting their lives resonates in his content, and he has thus become a very active member of the GoPro community, 

In doing so, Branden has captured some amazingly compelling video, including GoPro’s highest performing Official Award Selection on YouTube. His “Frozen Kitten Lives” video has been viewed nearly 6 million times and continues to garner more interest each day. The aptly named Lazarus has become quite the feline celebrity since being saved by the Bingham family, and their ever-growing bond continues to be documented on GoPro. He now even has his own YouTube channel. 
Branden has now been awarded multiple times and he has even benefited from some content licensing. Clearly, he isn't the only one who enjoys reliving moments with the Bingham family!

High-5 Branden! We love being a part of your family and helping you be a hero.


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