Sep 10, 2016

For real, Tim?? Come on; you can’t possibly have that much K-9 awesomeness in one feed; it's just not fair.
Seriously, if you remotely like dogs, or even feel passively nuetral about pets, you will be hardpressed not to at least smile at Timothy Mathews' GoPro content. 

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A quick scroll of Alaska’s Tim Mathews’ Instagram feed is, well, impossible. And by that we mean there’s no way it will be quick; more likely, you will find yourself repeatedly double-tapping hilarious dog photos. Then you’ll realize that in between the magnetic dogs shots are incredible photos of the Northern Lights, Alaskan wilderness, and more. No detective is required to glean that this Alaskan dentist is an outdoor junkie and foremost purveyor of K-9 comedy. Lots of folks share photos of their pets, but Timothy makes sure every time he shares a photo of his dogs, they are ripe with personality.

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During his work week, Tim keeps the smiles in his hometown clean, white, straight, and healthy. But when he is not peering into mouths with his funny Dentist glasses, he is likely shooting his beautiful surroundings with his GoPro (and those same glasses may be perched on one of his dog's noses for a funny photo). Amazing landscapes and backdrops are all around him, but he still aspires to capture more.

“I would love to capture the bears in the Katmai National Park, say Tim. "Getting close enough to use a GoPro or set up a GoPro to capture them feeding on salmon in the wild would be an absolutely exhilarating challenge."

With a true passion for life, and sharing it with his wife and dogs, Tim has been taking his GoPro along with him to capture it all. And it's not hard to believe that in doing so, Tim has been the recipient of multiple GoPro Awards, and we are willing to bet there are more on the horizon.


Learn more about the GoPro Awards by clicking below.

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