Oct 17, 2016

Who doesn't want to make rockets and send them into space? Explosions, projectiles, speed, the Final Frontier; what's not to love? Unfortunately, most of us haven't had much experience past the do-it-yourself kit from summer camp or science class that performed more like a $10 purchase from the TNT Fireworks stand than it did an intelligently designed space-bound projectile. Turns out, you need a bunch of stuff like engineering degrees and aerospace education to even begin thinking about stepping up your homemade rocket game. 

Luckily, there are incredibly smart and educated people willing to put in the work, and even better, capture their efforts on camera for the rest of us to enjoy. 

More specifically, innovative people like the Larsen family of UP Aerospace own and operate a space launch company based out of Denver, CO, and son Erik has been documenting their activity with GoPro. 

Erik works for his father Jerry at UP Aerospace, where he designs the rockets and fabricates the majority of the spacecraft’s parts in their Highlands Ranch lab. And luckily for us, Erik likes to attach GoPro cameras to the rocket systems to capture the incredible journeys they take.

Erik submitted the video above tot he GoPro Awards, and as of early October, his submission had accrued 4.6 million views on GoPro's YouTube channel. And to date, his rocket launch video is the most viewed Official Selection from the Awards. 

This particular launch was SL-10, the tenth launch of the SpaceLoft rocket system, and was conducted as part of NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. Using custom-housings to ensure camera survival, UP Aerospace successfully documented the launch and re-entry of the “Maraia Earth Return Capsule” and other sub-orbital payloads from NASA Ames Research Center, New Mexico State University, and Purdue University. The launch took place in New Mexico on November 6th, 2015 from Spaceport America, and landed in White Sands Missile Range. 
Thanks to the Larsens, the rest fo the world can experience some awe-inspiring shots from above the earth, as well as get a super-sized taste of science class rocket launches. Thanks Erik and Jerry!

Learn more about UP Aerospace and thier work at: www.upaerospace.com


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