Aug 10, 2016

Even before the GoPro Awards came into her peripheral, Bia Atkins had been capturing her beautiful life with her family in Hawaii. 

Whether it is nabbing shots of her son Zion on all of his adventures, exploring the ocean with her husband Ryan, or just enjoying the sunshine of Oahu, Bia is documenting it all. Her Instagram reads like a travel blog, but it is because she and her family live life to the fullest, and their passion emanates from her photos. 

With a ton of awards for her content already accumulated, Bia has also been invited to join GoPro on location, as well as take part in pilot programs. From GoPro Mountain Games to the incredible 2016 GoPro Launch, Bia has accompanied GoPro as part of the family.

"I feel like a GoPro employee! I work daily trying to create content that can be useful for GoPro," says Bia. 


Be sure to follow the Atkins family's adventures on Instagram for some inspiration and a smile.

Bia's Favorite GoPro Accessory
"The new Seeker Backpack is so handy. Works like my diaper bag camera bag, and I have my new favorite angle: the 3-Way mounted on the side."


Learn more about the GoPro Awards by clicking below.

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