Loïc Bruni, 25, is one the hottest names in the downhill mountain biking scene right now, and this legend just joined our #GoProAthlete roster.

From the Cagnes-sur-Mer in the French Riviera, all eyes started focusing in on Loïc in 2012 when he claimed his first podium in the Elite World Cup in Windham, New York, while still riding as a junior. He went on to win the Junior World Championship the same year.

But that was only the beginning, Loïc’s 2019 season basically rewrote the history books! How? It’s the first time since 2007 that one rider has claimed a World Championship and an overall World Cup in the same year, scoring a rare double. We can all agree Loïc has a pretty impressive collection of accomplishments already. Winning 5x Downhill MTB World Championships (once in the Junior category) and 1x Downhill MTB World Cup overall title, just shows the fearless talent Loïc brings to the downhill world.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Loïc started catching our eye for pairing his talent with GoPro’s HyperSmooth stabilization. The controlled chaos that exemplifies his sport feels like it was made to test the boundaries of HyperSmooth.

 “I like using HERO8 on crazy fast runs through the trees and in beautiful areas to remember runs from each place I’ve been riding on,” he says. “I always wear it on my helmet—mount on the visor, not under—set to the Wide digital lens. HyperSmooth on. And BOOOM!”

More than creating new, epic content, Loïc has his sights set on some more personal accomplishments in the sport this year.

 “This year I have the same goal as always: Be better than the previous year. There are always world champs that I prepare for well, so I’d like to get a sixth title this year.” But Loïc also says this goal I requires more focus and dedication now than ever, due to the current statue of home quarantining rolling out around the globe since January 2020.

“Everything is pretty shaken up with the situation in the world right now, but I know that I’ll be ready. I just hope the world learns from this and we get better all together.”

We’re excited to have you on our team #SuperBruni, and we can’t wait to see you on that bike again!