Here’s the timeline of events: you take the trip/do the thing, you capture your experience on GoPro, you offload the footage from your SD Card and then what? We’re here to help you out, because the next step is creating a shareable video edit, which is as easy as a few taps when using the GoPro app.

We’ve enlisted the help of GoPro app master + GoPro Family member Kyle Mulinder, a.k.a. Bare Kiwi, to teach us more about creating automatic edits within the app. Tune in below as he shares his workflow for creating unique edits using the GoPro app. He'll be discussing single-clip editing, multi-clip editing and providing some customization tips for taking an autogenerated video edit to the next level. Plus, stick to the end for a live Q+A that may answer any questions you have about using the app.

Download the GoPro app here for iOS and here for Android.

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