#GoProLiveIt means living your best life, now. And everyone’s invited.

Come LiveIt With Us.

July 31 – Aug. 2

GoPro is hosting its first-ever virtual charitable event this weekend called #GoProLiveIt.

Between Friday, July 31, and Sunday, Aug. 2, people can participate in one or more of eight social-distancing-friendly activity categories with free events led virtually by GoPro athletes, advocates and ambassadors.

Participants also have the chance to win one of the new GoPro lifestyle gear items for posting a standout image to social media using #GoProLiveIt and tagging @GoPro. Learn more at GoPro.com/LiveIt.

Joining is easy:

  1. Sign up for a FREE #GoProLiveIt activity below
  2. Participate in 1 (or more!) of the activities the weekend of July 31 - Aug. 2
  3. Post a photo or video (shot on any device) on social using #GoProLiveIt

For every social post tagged with #GoProLiveIt throughout the event, GoPro will donate $1 to be shared across three charities —Girl TrekSea Trees and Challenged Athletes Foundation.



Walk It Out: Mollie Bylett

Current Location: South Coast of England

Mollie is an avid outdoorswoman, adventure seeker and vanlifer who admittedly can’t get enough of the great outdoors. In fact, she’s spent majority of her quarantine days vanlife-ing around her hometown in London looking for new places to post up for some fresh air and a nature fix. Every time she finds a new spot, Mollie makes a point to take a walk or a hike to boost her mood and explore.

“Walking and hiking in the outdoors is amazing for your well-being in so many ways—fitness, mental clarity and connection with other hikers! There's not much fresh air and nature can't fix; it grounds you completely. And most importantly, it's accessible wherever you are in the world and enjoyable at all levels of ability.”

One tip from Mollie to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “Take a portable camping stove in your backpack and make a brew with a view!”

Move It: Derek Hough

Current Location: California

Derek is a multi-talented entertainer holding two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography and is basically America’s dancing king. He and girlfriend Hayley Erbert are planning to break it down for #GoProLiveIt from Los Angeles in their garage that now doubles as a studio for the two avid dancers. From ballroom to Latin and singing to choreographing, these two will have everyone on their feet movin’ and groovin’ for the greater good.

“I believe ‘motion equals emotion’ the way you love your body effects the way you feel emotionally. And we not only need to stay physically strong and healthy during this time but also mentally and emotionally.”

One tip from Derek to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “Just have FUN. And if you fall behind or are unsure about something, I always say: ‘When in doubt, shake it out!’”

Run It: Hellah Sibide

Current Location: New Jersey

Hellah is currently on year three of a running streak that has him hitting the pavement every single day. He’s logged more than 7,000 miles—come rain, shine, travel or COVID. He hasn’t missed a day because running gets him out and about, moving and exploring. While Hellah is the first to admit he didn’t always love running having grown up as a soccer player, he is also the first to share the positive impact it’s had on his life in recent years.

“I’m so excited to share my joy and passion for running with everyone! Seeing others getting out there and running is the biggest form of motivation and inspiration for me, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

One tip from Hellah to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “Don’t give yourself a goal other than getting out there and running. Make it pressure free and enjoy your surroundings! That’s truly the main reason I think I’m able to keep up my run streak. Running with a friend is also always a great time!”

Ride It: The Williams Brothers

Current Location: California

The dynamic duo of Cory and Justin Williams are fairly new to the GoPro Fam but they bring with them a few National Championship titles in cycling and endless appreciation for time spent on two wheels. “I love all of the challenges cycling throws at you! It never gets easier; you just go faster,” Cory shares.

Without missing a brotherly beat, Justin adds: “Cycling is an amazing platform for mental freedom, fitness and opportunity. It changed my perspective on life as a young black kid from the inner-city. I understand how important and life changing that could be. Bikes have always been a part of my life. As far as I can remember, I’ve gotten a kick out of going as fast as I can and beating people in races.”

For #GoProLiveIt, the brothers will be tuning in from around their hometown and training grounds of the Angeles National Forest, where they can enjoy some peace and quiet while still pushing their physical fitness goals. And while matching their RPMs may be a lofty goal, anyone in any saddle can appreciate this combination with the Williams brothers.

One tip from Cory to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “It’s easy to forget how beautiful your surroundings are, so make sure you are paying attention and taking it all in!”

One tip from Justin to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “It’s not about the destination it’s about journey. Don’t worry about going fast; what makes cycling so special is the how different the world looks from two wheels.

Hit the Water: Chuck Patterson

Current Location: California

Chuck is a waterman through and through—surf, SUP, kite, ski, foil—if there’s a wave, he’s on it no matter the size. In fact, you may recognize Chuck best from his stunt skiing giant waves at Jaws (literally in snow skis). Nothing will keep this guy out of the water, and his passion for anything outdoors in general is contagious.

During #GoProLiveIt, Chuck will be dropping in from Southern California to share his love for the water with all levels and abilities. For Chuck, the water is where his heart is, so he hopes the weekend will help inspire others to share this passion along with some creativity.

One tip from Chuck to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “Challenge yourself trying something new that gets you out of your comfort zone.”

Create It: Chris Benchetler 

Current Location: California

Chris is the ultimate soul rider of the ski world. And over the last few years, he’s combined this passion with his love for art to becomes one of the most creative minds fueling the outdoor industry. Filmmaking, drawing, painting and creating in general are at the forefront of every adventure Chris embarks on these days, and he has mastered the art of doing this across many athletic endeavors. Chris is inviting artist and athletes alike to experience the meditative benefits that come with creativity.

“Activity and sports have always been my meditation. Without the ability to comprehend that at an early age, and now understanding the importance and benefit of living presently, I have since learned how much art, skiing, surfing, climbing, etc. give to me both physically and mentally.”

One tip from Chris to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “Be authentic and true to yourself. If flying through the air, making turns or climbing up a mountain gives you that feeling of peace and happiness, follow that passion and don’t look back.”

Be a Hero: Trevor Kennison

Current Location: Colorado

Trevor is best known for bringing his big-air mentality and infectious personality to the sit-ski community. While he came to embrace this community following a life-altering snowboard injury, Trevor has since used his story and affiliation with nonprofit organizations to teach people around the world, across all levels of ability, that hard work brings dreams to life. He is the first sit-skier to take on the infamous chute Corbet's Couloir in Jackson Hole in a sit-ski, but due to a seasonal lack of snow in his hometown of Winter Park, Colo., he’s trading in his poles for a handcycle for #GoProLiveIt weekend.

While Trevor agrees any activity is amazing, handcycling may be his favorite from this summer. “I am passionate about hand cycling because it is such an awesome work out, it gets you outside, and I absolutely love the wind blowing in my face!”

One tip from Trevor to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “When it comes to hand cycling, go downhill, it’s way more fun than uphill unless you want an arm burner. And, regardless of the activity, make sure you smile, laugh and have fun!”

Animal Style: Brooks Laich + Koda

Current Location: Utah

Former NHL rockstar, current fitness guru and forever animal lover Brooks Laich is sharing the #GoProLiveIt spotlight with his four-legged best friend, Koda. Brooks and Koda have been living the socially distanced dream life on a lake in Utah recently, and they hope to inspire owner-pet duos everywhere to live their perfect day together.

“I absolutely love Koda. We have a blast every time we get outside and do something active! I hope by leading the Animal Style activation that I can inspire others to make memories with their beloved animals!”

One tip from Brooks to make the most of #GoProLiveIt: “Be completely present and make it playful. When you get outside with your animal, be fully immersed and focused on playing with them and giving them as much love as possible!”

Learn more and sign up for #GoProLiveIt at GoPro.com/LiveIt.