Keep Your Gear Safe with These 4 GoPro Action Camera Protections

3月 22, 2022


Whether you're surfing big waves or riding down a mountainside trail, your GoPro has to stay protected to get the best shot. After all, who's gonna believe your adventures if you don't have proof to back them up? Don't worry—we've got you covered. 

To ensure that your footage is safe and sound, below is a list of the four best GoPro action protection accessories that you can add to your travels.

HERO10 Black

Before we launch into the accessories, you should first consider getting the new HERO10 Black to improve your GoPro protection.

Mainly, this action camera gives you insane 5.3K60 and 4k120 video. HERO10 Black is also waterproof, AND you can get it at a great discount right now for pairing it with a 1-year GoPro subscription at purchase (which will also get you discounts on mounts and accessories throughout the year).

In general, it's best to stay up-to-date with the latest gear because the following GoPro protections will work seamlessly to keep your adventures rolling.

1. HERO10 & HERO9 Protective Housing + Waterproof Case

Even though the new HERO10 Black and previous HERO9 are waterproof up to 33ft on their own, it still doesn't hurt to reinforce that protection with the Protective Housing + Waterproof case.

If you're looking for the best GoPro protective housing, your search is over. For only $24.99 for subscribers or $49.99 retail, you can save your GoPro from mud, dirt and debris as you charge through a rainforest or go off-roading in the desert. And if you're a treasure hunter scouring the ocean floor, this new housing allows you to film down to 196ft underwater. You can do all of this with an easy-access touchscreen and front LCD that's clearly visible as you shoot.

2. HERO10 & HERO9 Floaty Floating Camera Case

One of the best GoPro water accessories that you can invest in is the Floaty—yes, the name is awesome. 

Think of it as a life raft for your GoPro. Perfect for waterskiing, snorkeling, wakeboarding or surfing, this GoPro protective case leaves your camera floating on the water's surface in case it ever comes loose during use. Its design gives you quick access to the touchscreen and buttons, and it has extra cushioning around it to protect against rocks or other hard surfaces it may encounter. Plus, it's bright orange so you'll never lose sight of your camera, even if it slips out of your grip. $29.99 is a small price to pay for some huge benefits. Not to mention, subscribers can snag this for 30% off at $20.99.

3. HERO10 & HERO9 Sleeve + Lanyard

You don't have to be an extreme sports nut—sometimes, you just need everyday protection during your morning hike or a bike ride to the beach. The GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard is a perfect fit. 

You can easily hang onto your camera with the sleeve on to keep it safe from scratches or accidents on the move, whether you're wearing it as a necklace or fastening it onto a pack with the lanyard. It also comes in a variety of colors to help show off your individual style. Use it when you're adventuring with friends, running around a new town or hanging out by the pool. It's a sleek action camera protector that you can use at an affordable price of only $19.99 or $13.99 for subscribers!

4. HERO10 & HERO9 Black Protective Lens Replacement

Last but not least, the GoPro Protective Lens Replacement is a no-brainer for any type of user. 

It's like swapping out the screen on your smartphone if it gets damaged. Whether you have a scratched lens or chipped glass, you can easily replace the damaged lens with the protective lens replacement and pat yourself on the back for testing how rugged this camera really is. The camera lens protector also prevents dirt, dust and scratches from affecting the internal GoPro lens, and its flat design allows you to view footage clearly underwater.

Pick one up for just $19.99 or $13.99 if you join the GoPro community.

Bonus tip: Stay protected with a GoPro Subscription

Having extra accessories definitely gives you peace of mind when it comes to camera protection, but why not choose a foolproof option?

With a GoPro subscription, you get tons of extra benefits as a customer, including discounts, unlimited cloud storage and access to the Quik app. However, the most important one is guaranteed camera replacement if your gear gets damaged during use—you get two camera replacements each year. All you need to do is send in your damaged camera with an affordable trade-in fee, and GoPro will send you back a new one with no questions asked.

No matter what adventures you find yourself in, trust that GoPro has an action camera protection plan ready for you. Remember, it's better to be safe than miss out on the moment!


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