Adrenaline x GoPro Best Job

G’day, calling all Aussies. Entering Adrenaline x GoPro’s Best Job in the World competition is easier than any job interview you’ve ever been to. Simply snap your adventures and share it with us here for your chance to be a part of the Adrenaline Crew on a Creator Contract worth $100,000 AUD.

How it works



Capture epic adventure photos + raw clips (from any device!) for your chance to win.



Share your content with us! The top 30 entrants will be given a GoPro HERO10 + a $350 AUD Adrenaline voucher to capture epic adventure footage + photos to submit for the Grand Prize.



An $100K AUD creator contract with Adrenaline to capture 12 incredible adventures.

Challenge Guidelines

Highest resolution icon

Highest Resolution

No crops and no filters icon

No Crops + No Filters

Raw photos and videos icon

Raw Photos + Videos

Licensed music icon

Edits with Licensed Music

Clear all content rights icon

Clear All Content Rights

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Upload to Instagram for Extra Prizes




GoPro AwardsではEpidemic Soundと提携して、独自の音楽ライブラリーを提供しています。ジャンル、ボムトラックを順に選択して、中にドロップするだけです。ビデオ編集への音楽の追加は必須ではないため、応募は未編集クリップのみでも問題ありません。ただし、音楽を追加する場合は使用許諾を得たものである必要があります。当然のことではありますが、ご注意ください。

Have a question? We have answers.

No stress! The answers to all your questions can be found on Adrenaline’s website. See here.
That’s awesome! Welcome to the crew. Once you unbox your camera, begin with the Quick Start Guide. Try capturing at least one photo and one video on the very first day. Then start exploring awe-inducing GoPro features like TimeWarp 3.0, SuperPhoto and LiveBurst.

Prefer to watch and learn? Check out the GoPro Tips Page on YouTube™. Every previous GoPro Awards participant started just like this—at square one.They got a camera, started planning adventures with the people they love and brought their GoPro along for the ride.
Any photo, raw clip, or video edit you captured with a GoPro is great to submit to our Anything Awesome challenge. Guidelines vary for other challenges, so take a look at our Challenges Overview.

For GoPro Awards, submit the native raw unedited .jpg file shot on your GoPro. The file size needs to be greater than 1MB.

Submit the native raw .mp4 file shot on your GoPro. Submissions must be shot in HD or higher resolution (720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7K, 4K). The higher the resolution, the better.

The best video edits invite viewers to connect with the story by connecting with one central character, or at most, a small group. Establish the story’s location early on. Then build moments of tension and action toward an apex. Add a fun, humorous, breathtaking (or curveball) conclusion. Check out the GoPro Channel to get a good feel for GoPro’s storytelling style. Every single clip within a video edit submission needs to be 100% shot on GoPro.

    Full competition details, including T&C’s, here.