How will you GoPro?

Congratulations to Joseph Johnson of Los Angeles, CA.

Thousands of epic ideas poured in from across the globe. But there could only be one winner. Joseph’s entry, “Motorcycle Racing in the Clouds,” stood out with its spirit of adventure in a land of surreal beauty. The GoPro team is stoked to bring his entry to life and inspire more dreams of how to GoPro.  

Check back in 2014 to see the video!
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Motorcycle Racing on the Clouds

Joseph Johnson - Los Angeles, CA
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Step 1: Answer

Answer the question "How will you GoPro?" in 500 characters or less.


Step 2: Create

Create an original drawing, movie poster, collage or any other visual representation of your idea featuring the GoPro logo.


Step 3: Share

Share your entry with friends using the hashtag #iwillgopro. If your idea is chosen as the Grand Prize winner, you and a friend will travel with a GoPro film crew to create a video of your epic adventure.

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Joseph Johnson, the Grand Prize Winner. Check out his idea here.



Motorcycle Racing on the Clouds

Joseph Johnson

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Submitted 10/05/2013

I would travel to Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia and race a motorcycle on the largest mirror in the world to the never-ending horizon. Even in this internet era, people still don't realize there are places like this that exist in the world. I spent the last year traveling around the world to serve people in the most remote places and I love to share my experiences through pictures and video. I would love to GoPro to capture what it's like to be "out of this world."


These incredible adventure ideas are off to the judges. Be sure to share your favorites.

Finalist 1: Kristoffer Lundberg


It's all about the will to explore!

Kristoffer Lundberg


Submitted 10/01/2013

I'm Kristoffer Lundberg. When I was 14, I had an idea of bicycling 4000 kilometers to the North Cape. When I was 15, I stood on the North Cape with my bicycle after just one month of bicycling 4000 kilometers. Being all alone thousands of kilometers away from home, this pushed my will to explore. When I was 15, I had a new idea. Bicycle to Mont Blanc and climb the highest mountaintop in Europe. Then bicycle all the way back home. It’s all about the will to explore. Let's Go Pro! 

Finalist 2: Richard White


It's wild out there GoPro

Richard White

Durban, South Africa

Submitted 10/01/2013

Nothing screams adventure to me more than exploring the remotest most pristine fly fishing spot in Patagonia Chile, by the only means of transport that can reach them, helicopter. When the adrenaline rush of fighting a fish becomes dwarfed by the rush of getting to that secret spot, you know that the true spirit of fly fishing has grasped your full attention. It's a Lake Crossing, whitewater rafting, canyoning, horseback riding, hiking, zip lining, GoPro fishing adventure waiting to happen.

Finalist 3: Ethan Roseman


Ethan's Walk to the World Cup!

Ethan Roseman

San Diego, CA

Submitted 10/01/2013

I want to show the world my trip of getting to the 2014 World Cup by any means necessary. Starting off in Nicaragua, I want to walk, drive, hitchhike, raft, canoe, sail, run, jump, swim and hop all around Latin and South America until I end up in São Paulo for the World Cup. Floating down the Amazon Rive with only a backpack to my back and a GoPro on my head. Hiking up Machu Picchu to sailing down Chile and trekking across to Argentina. Then to Brazil for the greatest event in the world!

Finalist 4: Mark Chow


Sunrise at Yellow Mountain in China

Mark Chow

California, USA

Submitted 10/01/2013

My goal is simple - Make and Drink the most amazing hot cup of coffee on top of the most majestic mountain in the entire China, while doing sunrise hyper time-lapse videos using the newest GoPro 3+. I plan to hike up the craziest part of the mountain (Chinese Government Allows), explore exotic hot spots and video document my interaction with locals, foods and culture! What are we waiting for? Lets explore the world together! You, Me and our GoPro! Mark Chow AKA: ModestReaction

Finalist 5: Andres Bianchi


Carnaval Uruguay

Andres Bianchi

Palm Harbor, FL, USA

Submitted 10/03/2013

i would love to have 5 to 20 gopro´s filming a "comparsa" a 120 drum south american parade from the inside, i am a percussionist that has been playing "candombe " all my life and no one has ever filmed it from the inside, here is what the outside looks like, hope you like the idea...

Finalist 6: Doug Blessin


The Road to Rio 2016

Doug Blessin


Submitted 10/03/2013

I competed in 2 shooting events at the London 2012 Paralympics follow me on my quest to get back to the big show in 2016. We have at least 4 or 5 more World Cup and 1 World Championship events to go to between now and the start of the next Paralympics and am currently in Rio until October the 11th at a World Cup event competing and getting the lay of the land. Join me on the epic adventure! Possible destinations en route?.... (Hannover and Shule Germany, Ft Benning USA, Norway and more)

Finalist 7: Gregory Staehli


The World, Food & a Kid

Gregory Staehli


Submitted 10/04/2013

From Italy to France, from Minas Gerais in Brazil to Thailand, from Lituania to Ethiopia, we would like to take a journey to teach my daughter what to eat and where she is from... mix eating practices with family... because we are what we eat. A way also to educate in the noble sense and to make it tasty.

Finalist 8: Joseph Johnson


Motorcycle Racing on the Clouds

Joseph Johnson

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Submitted 10/05/2013

I would travel to Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia and race a motorcycle on the largest mirror in the world to the never-ending horizon. Even in this internet are, people still don't realize there are places like this that exist in the world. I spent the last year traveling around the world to serve people in the most remote places and I love to share my experiences through pictures and video. I would love to GoPro to capture what it's like to be "out of this world."

Finalist 9: Evelyn Gallardo


Elephant Sanctuary Volunteer

Evelyn Gallardo

Costa Rica

Submitted 10/05/2013

I'd volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand where the luckiest elephants go to retire after working in the logging and tourism industries and where they live out their lives being pampered. I love elephants and want to help. I'd be assigned my own elephant to exercise, bathe, feed and care for during my stay. I envision using my GoPro Hero 3 to record the experience. I'd use the head strap mount to give the elephant's point of view and the waterproof case to film underwater. Woo-hoo!

Finalist 10: Samuel Tucker


Rockin Carnegie hall

Samuel Tucker


Submitted 10/06/2013

I would go to Carnegie Hall. I would Play rock music and do something never done before. I would play rock music at the age of 19 at Carnegie hall. Would that blow peoples mind? It would be something new and never seen before. Isn't that what GoPro is all about doing something new and amazing. It would really symbolize what GoPro is all about and show that you don't have to be old to have a life changing experience. This would also broaden the view of the people your trying to get to Musicians.

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Weekly Winners

Check out our favorite entries from each week of the contest.

Week 1: Ethan Roseman


Ethan's Walk to the World Cup!

Ethan Roseman

San Diego, CA

Submitted 10/01/2013

I want to show the world my trip of getting to the 2014 World Cup by any means necessary. Starting off in Nicaragua, I want to walk, drive, hitchhike, raft, canoe, sail, run, jump, swim and hop all around Latin and South America until I end up in São Paulo for the World Cup. Floating down the Amazon Rive with only a backpack to my back and a GoPro on my head. Hiking up Machu Picchu to sailing down Chile and trekking across to Argentina. Then to Brazil for the greatest event in the world!

Week 2: Andoni Sarabia Crespo


Nadar con cerdos

Andoni Sarabia Crespo

Barcelona, Spain

Submitted 10/07/2013

En las Bahamas, exactamente en Big Major Cay, se encuentra una maravilla natural en forma de playa cristalina y azul, conocida no precisamente por la belleza de su paisaje, sino por la agradable compañía de unos cerdos nadadores muy simpáticos, que mientras te das un baño tranquilamente, acuden en busca de alimento. No hay nada mas ''exótico'' y surrealista que llevarte el recuerdo poder nadar junto a estos animales tan poco comunes en el hábitat marino. Toda una experiencia de GoPro

Week 3: Liam Doherty


The Wild Wild East

Liam Doherty

Co. Donegal, Ireland

Submitted 10/14/2013

I want To Travel to Mongolia in search of one of the last Wild horse breeds In the world.In the 1950's there where only 12 individual Przewalski's horses left in the world. But in 2011 there are up to 300 in the wild. I would travel to Mongolia, when in Mongolia travel on a dirt bike in search of a herd of these beautiful wild horses. While in search for these creatures we will take in the beautiful scenery Mongolia has to offer, and see how the Mongolian People live each day...I Will GoPro

Week 4: Blake





Submitted 10/31/2013

As a keen drummer and love for extreme out there sports why not mix the two together? It would be an amazing experience to smash out some tunes on a drum kit on top of a moving plane flying over the grand canyon and the Amazon rain forest.

Week 5: Bárbara Speck



Bárbara Speck

Içara - SC, República Federativa do Brasil

Submitted 10/21/2013

Um grupo de garotas do sul de Santa Catarina que praticam esportes radicais e inspiram mais meninas a participar para ter uma qualidade de vida melhor. Pra mostrar que garotas normais também podem evoluir no esporte e se divertir muito com a adrenalina pulsando forte. Já registramos surf, skate e longboard com uma GoPro e agora queremos estrelar um vídeo irado produzido pela GoPro para transmitir o nosso universo feminino radical Loveboard.

Week 6: Sindre Kristiansen


Dart throw extreme destination.

Sindre Kristiansen

Oslo, Norge

Submitted 10/12/2013

I would like one in the gopro team to throw a dart at a world map. Wherever it hits, we will go and try the countries top 3 extreme sports! It could be snowboarding down a freezing cold mountain in Russia, scuba diving in Fiji, or skydiving in Dubai. I am versatile and will go everywhere, and try everything. This is the ultimate one in a lifetime chance for a great experience, decided by one throw.

Week 7: Lisa-Marie Howell


Change the World with a Camera

Lisa-Marie Howell

Vail, Colorado

Submitted 11/19/2013

Floating villages of the Mekong River, ancient cities of Angkor Wat, fiery sunset descents of Cero Negro, hunting with Massai warriors. I will not only share the stunning imagery of Cambodia, Nicaragua & Tanzania, I will utilize the versatility of the camera to gain access into orphan, slums and tribes that exist on these three continents. Contributing to the world & capturing the contrast, energy and raw beauty that exists within developing countries and their people, like only a GoPro can

Week 8: Cedric Schanze


66° whale cemetery & ice canyons

Cedric Schanze


Submitted 12/04/2013

My tattooed iceberg reminds me everyday to realize my deepest desires. I trained my free diving skills in icelandic glacier lagoons and norwegian fjords to perfect my crafts in underwater filming which I need to finish my bachelor thesis. But it is more than that, its a affair of the heart. Within the next twelve months I will film portraits of professional free diving athletes exploring the most fascinating underwater spots around the northern polar circle, the 66th latitude.

Week 9: mike


Kalymnos Climbing festival


Newport, UK

Submitted 10/08/2013

In the grander scheme of things is a massive test peace for myself. The Kalymnos climbing festival in Greece is held every year and is basically a awesome island festival with parties, beaches and loads of climbing! some of the most talented climbers attend the festival but it is open to novices and is a good opportunity to test yourself. Myself and 3 friends have planned a hugely ambitious trip to El Cap in the future and need to get psyched for it. I think Kalymnos would be the sickest way




October 1 - December 4:  Submission Period


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December 6:  Finalists Announced


  • 100 Finalists will be selected from our Favorites. We’ll email you if you’re selected.


December 20: Winners Announced


  • Winners will be contacted by email, announced on and featured on GoPro social channels.



Submission Guidelines


Choosing a title for your idea:


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Answering the question "How Will You GoPro?":


  • You have 500 characters to give the judges a more detailed idea of your dream adventure. So get crazy. Get creative. And paint a picture of how amazing your adventure would be, and how you’d capture it with GoPro.


Creating your visual:


  • You have up to 10 MB to amaze us with your creativity and originality. Show us your inspiration and passion with an original creation. It can be a drawing, movie poster, collage, photo or any other visual representation of your idea—but it must be created by you, and can’t contain other people's copyright-protected work, ideas or images. Please incorporate the GoPro logo into your visual—you can download the black logo here, and the white logo here. Your visual should be created in a square format. 


Sharing your submission:


  • Be sure to share your entire submission on Facebook, Twitter or other social network using the hashtag #iwillgopro.



Bradford Schmidt

Creative Director, GoPro

Bradford Schmidt was raised in the rural mountains of Colorado and educated in Film at UCLA where he received awards for directing and screenwriting. His relentless passion for storytelling, photography, and film bonded a life-long friendship with Nicholas Woodman surfing on a remote Sumatran island during GoPro's inception and he is honored to have been part of GoPro's technological and brand development over the past decade.


What makes an idea a winner?

"The best ideas are about passionate human experiences. Winning ideas consider a unique or rare perspective that only GoPro can capture"


Lakey Peterson


Lakey Peterson is one of the world's leading female surfers known for her progressive aerial maneuvers, athletic force and rise through the ranks at a young age. In her "Rookie Year" on Tour she won the prestigious 2012 U.S. Open of Surfing. Now in her second year on the ASP World Tour Lakey has yet again proved herself a force to be reckoned with and is ranked No. 6 in the world. Lakey was featured in the Nike 6.0 women's surf film Leave A Message and her first feature length film, Zero to 100, which chronicles her professional and personal journey, premiered in early 2013. Zero to 100 earned critical acclaim and won awards worldwide at festivals and hit #1 on iTunes Sports. 


What makes an idea a winner? 

"Anything unique or different that has not been done before. I love seeing new ideas come to life for the first time. That being said, get creative!"


Chris Mauro

Editor-in-Chief, GrindTV and Surfer

Chris Mauro has been wandering the globe in search of adventure for more than 25 yeas. His journey began as a pro surfer on the ASP tour in the late 80s and early 90s, but accelerated when he took the helm of Surfer magazine for the better part of a decade. Today, as Editor-in-Chief of, he’s running the world’s leading adventure sports site. While surfing remains his first love, the throngs of outdoor enthusiasts surrounding him have him hooked on mountain biking, paddling, and snowboarding


What makes an idea a winner?

"The best ideas crystalize opportunities that were previously unseen, and inspire the desire to go after them."


Nick Woodman

Founder & CEO, GoPro

An avid surfer, race car driver, and family man, Nicholas Woodman began his GoPro journey in the waters of Indonesia, where his passion for surfing and his desire to capture those moments in the waves sparked the creation of the first wearable GoPro camera. His auto racing exploits then inspired him to evolve his camera's versatility and mounting ability. Today, his little idea has grown into the GoPro line of cameras and accessories we all know and love today. Still a passionate surfer and racer, Mr. Woodman is now best known as the founder and CEO of GoPro, the world's most versatile camera and enabler of today's most engaging content.


What makes an idea a winner?

"If you just had the time and the cash, what would you do? What's that daydream that has you starring in the movie in your head? The best ideas will share that dream, what it would look like...and convince us it has to be done!"



Sam Pilgrim

Freeride Mountain Biker

Sam Pilgrim is a freeride mountain bike rider from Colchester, UK and has been riding at a pro level for about six years. He won his first contest at the age of 14 and since then has never looked back. Today, Sam travels the world competing in the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour (FMBA), in which he is currently ranked world number one.


What makes an idea a winner?

"A winning idea needs passion, you need to go all out and put your heart into it. I’m always pushing the limits and it helps that I can document and share these experiences with everyone. I’m always stoked when I get good footage with my GoPro and get to see a trick from a completely new angle."




Wil Tidman

Head of Media Production, GoPro

Wil has been a student, enthusiast and professional in film and photography for 20+ years.  Throughout his career, Wil has created, written, directed and produced feature films, network televised shows and web series.  He has been called on by top global brands to create, develop and produce strategic marketing campaigns and content platforms.  Wil lives in San Francisco with his wife Jill, son Quincy Blu and daughter Stella Rose.  He is honored to be part of the GoPro family.


What makes an idea a winner?

"I don't think we will know until we see it….but here is a hint for thinking about it:  Be ambitious.  Be curious.  Be innovative. And be a little scared to try and pull it off." 




Justin Wilkenfeld

Head of Lifestyle Marketing, GoPro

Wilkenfeld is GoPro's  senior director of lifestyle marketing. Fun times for him are surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking and scuba diving.  He met GoPro CEO Nick Woodman out in the lineup while studying at UC San Diego.  Wilkenfeld is occasionally asked how the history degree he got at USCD helped prepare him for the job at GoPro.  He explains (to his mom and dad) that "GoPro cameras capture history every day!"


What makes an idea a winner?

"One thing I learned about people that make killer content...passion is the common thread.  We should feel the passion pouring out of the ideas that we receive.  Those will make for the best adventures and stories that can be told through the lens of a GoPro camera."


1 Grand Prize Winner


  •  All-expense-paid dream adventure for two (up to $30,000 USD value) accompanied by a GoPro film crew
  • $15,000 USD in cash
  • GoPro Everything We Make prize package (yep, get one of everything GoPro makes)


9 Weekly Winners

  • The most creative or original entry each week will win a GoPro "Everything We Make" prize package


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Grand Prize(s)

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  • $15,000 USD
  • GoPro “Everything We Make” Package 

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Up to one thousand (1000) entrants will be rewarded with 25% the purchase of a Black or Silver Edition HERO Camera on in their local currency, when applicable. 

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