Quik for desktop Crashes while Opening Create Mode

What’s the issue?

Quik for Desktop crashes or stops responding in Create Mode. This mostly occurs in computers running multiple graphics cards, and Quik for desktop is prioritizing the high performance NVIDIA or AMD card. *see example below

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Where does it apply?

  • Quik for Desktop - Windows

How to fix it

We currently only have a resolution if you are using a setup with multiple graphics cards in a Windows machine. 

Please follow the steps below in order to resolve the issue in this instance:
  • Right click the Quik desktop icon.
  • Hover over Run with graphics processor (Note: this option will only be visible if you are using a Windows computer with multiple graphics cards)
  • Select Integrated graphics

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Quik for desktop will open and you should be able to access Create mode with no issues.

What If There Is Only One Graphics Card Or if it is a Mac?
One graphics- First ensure the graphics driver is up to date
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User-added image
If you still need assistance contact Customer Support so that we can review your crash logs.

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