DashWare Gagues Aren't Properly Showing Telemetry From a Data File

What’s the issue?

The data file you created shows your columns with all the data that you want to overlay in DashWare, but when you import gauges into your project, there is no data flowing through your gauges. This is most likely because the proper data value hasn't been selected for your project gauge. This article will show you how to get your data to properly reflect in these gauges.

Where does it apply?

  • DashWare v.1.7.37

How to fix it

In this example, we'll be looking at the "Group2 RPM" gauge.
  • Add the gauge to your project, then click on it once. You'll see the name of the gauge highlighted in gray via the "Project Gauges" section on the right.
shows the project gauges section
  • Double-click the highlighted gauge name. The "Gauge Input Mapper" window will open.
User-added image
  • If you've imported multiple data files, then select the dropdown next to "Data File" and make sure that the gauge is pulling from the proper data file.
  • If you only imported one data file, then select the dropdown next to "Data Value" and make sure that the proper column from your data file is being selected.
  • Once you've selected the proper column, select OK.
  • Select the "Synchronization" tab and move the slider left and right to ensure that data is flowing through the gauge. 
Repeat these steps with any other gauges that aren't properly showing data in your Dashware projects.

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