Blank White or Black Screen Appears When Logging into Quik for desktop

What’s the issue?

When trying to log into QDA, you get a blank white or black screen which hangs indefinitely. Below is an example of receiving a black screen. 

User-added image

Where does it apply?

Quik for desktop - Windows 10

How to fix it

  1. Close Quik for desktop
  2. Open the Task Manager and navigate to the Processes tab. Under the Background processes section, look for GoProQuik.exe, highlight it, and click End Task.
  3. Now that Quik is closed, completely disable Wi-Fi on your computer. If connected via ethernet, remove your ethernet from the computer.
  4. Reopen Quik for desktop and confirm that the program has logged you in successfully.
  5. Re-enable Wi-Fi or reconnect the ethernet cable to your computer. After about 30 seconds, you should see your account log you in automatically in the top right-hand corner of the main gallery.

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