Fusion Recording Time in Each Video Setting


How much footage can I record on a Fusion camera?

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The chart below indicates the amount of time recorded when shooting in various video modes using a fully-charged battery and 32gb microSD card.*

*Based on GoPro engineering testing with Wi-Fi off in a low-light scene. Actual performance may vary based on settings, environmental conditions and other factors. 

***Tested using two microSD 32GB cards.***

Video ModeRecord TimeRecording Time With Protune
5.2k - 30 1 hour 15 minutes - 45 Mbps58 minutes - 60 Mbps
3k - 601 hour 15 minutes - 45 Mbps58 minutes - 60 Mbps

These are not battery life estimates, these are storage capacity estimates for the micro SD cards.  

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