What Are the Exported Settings When Sharing Your Video Through Youtube or Facebook?


What are the exported settings when sharing your video through Youtube or Facebook?

Where does it apply?

  • GoPro App for Desktop - Windows and Mac
  • Quik for Desktop - Windows and Mac


Export settings when sharing through Facebook and YouTube
PresetResolutionExport FormatBitrateFrame rate
FacebookNative up to 1080pH.2641.5MbpsNative up to 30fps
YouTubeNative up to 1080p
>1080p, center crop & scale to 1080p
H.2641080: 8Mbps
Native up to 60fps. 
Your video might look compressed when uploaded to YouTube or Facebook from Quik for Mobile. This is because both websites will compress your video. However, now you can activate the HD option directly in YouTube and Facebook when uploading/viewing. 

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