Quik for desktop Known Issues


What are the Known Issues in Quik for desktop?

Where does it apply?

  • GoPro App for Desktop - Windows and Mac


Quik for desktop v2.5.2
  • Latency on displaying "Import Now" message
  • "Download" option is enabled in "Right Click Menu" while the file is downloading
  • After rotating a media in QDA, The thumbnail of the corresponding file is zoomed in cloud media library
  • Sync between rotation in QDA and Cloud Media Library
Quik for desktop v2.5.1
  • Authenticating message appears when trying to login
  • [Mac OS X - High Sierra]Choppy playback (skipping frames) for 2.7k@120 encoded footage
  • Latency on displaying "Import Now"
  • Modal "Some footage not supported" does not display for HEVC Videos during index
  • "Download" option is enabled in "Right Click Menu" while the file is downloading
  • After rotating a media in QDA, The thumbnail of the corresponding file is zoomed in cloud media library



Non GoPro camera media is not appearing in the GoPro App

This is by design. At this time, GoPro App supports GoPro camera media only

When scanning multiple folders, if you cancel scanning on any folder, all folders stop scanning

In Settings, re-scan folders one at a time

Sharing files of 1 sec or shorter in length to YouTube or Facebook sometimes doesn't work

Make your videos longer than 1 second prior to sharing

If you disconnect your camera USB cable during file import, and then reconnect, you see a prompt telling you the camera is disconnected

Ignore the prompt, and re-import your camera files.

When scanning folders, selected items in media library may unexpectedly deselect as new media items appear

Wait until scanning is complete before selecting thumbnails

Unable to access Media Library when associated to a gateway (SSID) but internet not working

Make sure your gateway is connected to internet

Scroll bar does not scroll to bottom of large media library

Use the scroll wheel of your mouse to incrementally scroll down to the bottom(Windows)
Swipe down on your touch pad to scroll down to the bottom(Mac)

Cannot frame step through >60fps source video

If you need more frames than 60fps, open the video in Studio by right clicking in thumbnail view, and selecting "Open in Studio". Then convert the video, and in the Edit tab, you can step through all frames up to 240fps.

Re-scanned folder shows scan date for clips instead of capture date


When clipping videos or photo sequences, the in/out points are not accurate.

The in/out points may be off be a couple of frames. If you need higher resolution trimming, open the video in Studio by right clicking in thumbnail view, and selecting "Open in Studio". Then convert the video, and in the Edit tab, and trimming will be frame accurate.

When connecting multiple SD cards used in the same camera, only one card appears

Connect and import only one sd card at a time, if you have multiple cards from the same camera.




In Settings, if "Auto download GoPro app Updates" is unchecked, the download happens anyway

Simply ignore or delete the download if you don't want to install it.

In Settings>Media Folders, if you add <drive letter>, and then add <drive letter> sub folders, removing the <drive letter>: also removes all sub folders

In Settings, re-add only the sub folders you want

GoPro App crashes when playing burst/time lapse video exported from GoPro Studio Edit bin

In Studio, in the Edit step, export from the Storyboard, instead of from the Edit bin on the left side

If my PC goes to sleep while the GoPro App is open, and then I resume from sleep, I may get blank thumbnails in my media library if I try to import or scan a folder.

Do not use GoPro App to import or scan a folder after resuming from sleep, without first shutting down and then re-starting the GoPro App.

When you add photos that were extracted from videos created on iPhone with the GoPro App for mobile, to GoPro App for desktop, the thumbnails may be 1/4 size


No way to exit Fullscreen on a Tablet/Touch screen computer (without a keyboard)

Touch screen computers are not supported

App window and user interface elements are too small on displays higher than 1080p resolution

Change the DPI to 150% on your computer




Rebooting Mac with option to "Reopen windows when logging back in" causes software to be unresponsive

Quit and restart GoPro App

When scanning multiple folders at the same time, your may see multiple folder indexing alerts


Studio 2.5.8 (installed with GoPro App for desktop 1.0) known Issues




Opening a still extracted from GoPro App for desktop in Studio plays back the entire time lapse


 See additional Studio 2.5 issues here




In Studio, closing an untitled project, doesn't prompt user to save.

Save your project before quitting Studio, by clicking File>Save Project

See additional Studio 2.5 issues here


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