How Can I Import the Video Files from my GoPro into Quik for mobile?


How can I import the video and photo files from my GoPro camera into Quik for Mobile?

Where does it apply?

  • Quik for mobile
  • GoPro App
  • GoPro camera
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices


The best way to download content from a GoPro camera to your device is by using the GoPro App. Click here to download the free GoPro App. 

Here are some options on how to import those assets on your iOS or Android device to create a Quik video.
GoPro Plus (iOS, Android)
  • Access and share your GoPro content wherever you are
  • Cloud Access to content, unlimited cloud storage.
  • Access all your GoPro footage directly from Quik
Sync with iTunes (iOS)
  • Add all your photos and videos to a folder that you drag in the folder "Pictures"  
  • In iTunes: go to your iPhone/iPad, then in the section "Photos"  
  • Check the option "Synchronize photos from"  
  • Choose the folder "Pictures"  
  • Check the option "Selected folders" and choose your folder with your medias 
  • Don't forget to check the option "include videos"
  • Your medias will be found under the tab "All Photos / Photos" in Quik
iCloud (iOS)
  • Go to the iPhoto app on your Mac 
  • Import your videos in iPhoto 
  • Select the asset you want to use and share them in an iCloud album 
  • On your iCloud-synced iDevice (iPhone or iPad), you'll see these new videos. It might take a few minutes to synchronize. 
  • You will find the albums in Quik under the tab "All Photos / Photos" in Quik
  • Import your photos and videos to your Google Photos
  • Choose the option "original size" in the Google Photos settings to have the best quality
  • Your media will be accessible from the Google Photos tab, either in "All Photos" or in the individual albums
Quik Key (Android only)
  • Insert your SD-card into the Quik Key and plug your Quik Key into your Android device
  • Tap "Start Pairing" on your GoPro SD-Card
  • Tap "Select" in the bottom right corner
  • All assets from your SD-Card are now ready to be selected in Quik
Android Transfer
  • Download Android File Transfer
  • Plug your device to your computer
  • On your device choose "Use USB for File Transfers"
  • Move your files from your computer to your device into the "Download" file for example
  • You can find the Download file in "Gallery" or in "Albums" in Quik
  • Be aware, Android does not support .mov files

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