Can I Customize Video Styles In Quik for mobile?


Can I customize the video styles that Quik for mobile creates?

Where does it apply?

  • Quik for mobile
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices


Quik for mobile was designed to automatically create videos easily within a few taps. The algorithm in Quik creates the edit for you by synchronizing your video clips with the music, transitions and effects. Anyone can now make a quick and fun video in no time, even if you are not familiar with video editing.

We will be adding more ways to customize your video in the future. Below, you will find the options that you can personalize in your video currently:
  • Text Fonts,
  • Filters: Enhance your footage with 20 filters to fit any adventure or scene, plus adjust the filter's intensity slider for the perfect effect(iOS only).
    • Beach: Keel, Waimea, Vibe, Soleil
    • Indoor: Nola, Grotto, Vegas, Asana
    • Snow: Blue Bird, Aspen, Luge
    • Urban: Rooftop, Graffiti, Grind
    • Vegetation: Zipline, Sequoia, Vail, Na Pali
    • Water: Gili, Ibiza
  • Graphic (iOS) or Palette (Android): this represents the background style for assets, photos, videos and also texts;
  • Format Style: Landscape, Square or Portrait
  • Transitions and Visual Effects: these are coded within the video style itself and done automatically. We do not want to over complicate the interface with too many options. 

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