How to Import Media into the GoPro Fusion Studio App

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Import Media into the GoPro Fusion Studio App

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Fusion Studio - Windows and Mac

How to do it

Connect your Fusion camera to your computer. The GoPro Fusion Studio App will open so you can import your footage. Select "Browse Camera Media" so the import can begin.  
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The GoPro Fusion Studio App will scan both of your SD cards and create 360 degree previews for you to view. 
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  • Insert your SD card into your computer via SD card adapter.
  • (Recommended) Choose a preferred location on your hard drive and create a GoPro Fusion overview folder which will contain all of your footage.
  • Under this new Fusion folder, create sub-folders which represent each of your different sessions. 
  • Copy the ENTIRE 100GBACK and 100GFRONT folder from each of your SD cards into the session folder. DO NOT delete any of the LRV/THM files are on your SD cards.
Your folder structure should look like this before going to the next step:
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Open the GoPro Fusion Studio App and select ADD MEDIA under "Find your 360 files" 
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A window will appear so you can select your footage. Select your specific session folder and clock "Open" Make sure you DO NOT select the Back and Front folders. 

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The GoPro Fusion Studio App will now import your footage and generate your previews. 
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We also have a GoPro Tutorial video that covers importing and rendering your 360 content through the GoPro Fusion Studio App:

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