How to Grab a Single Frame from a Multishot in the GoPro Fusion Studio App

What are you trying to do?

Use Fusion Studio to grab a single frame from a Fusion camera multishot(Time lapse or Burst)

Where does it apply?

Fusion Studio - Mac and Windows

How to do it

A. The redesign of player controls bar to give more space to the timeline. Facilitates cropping and scrubbing.
B. Frame Backward & Frame Forward move you from one frame to the next in your multishot. Also controlled using keyboard shortcut <>
C. Shows you the current frames and total number of frames in the multishot
D. The IN marker will move with the playhead. This will help you when trimming long videos.

User-added image
Once you've found the frame you want to extract, click the "Grab a 360 photo" button - User-added image - below the playhead and save your still.
User-added image

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