GoPro Fusion Studio App: How to use the Adobe Plugins for Fusion

What are you trying to do?

How to use Adobe Plugins for Fusion or Omni footage on Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Where does it apply?

  • Fusion
  • GoPro Fusion Studio App
  • Omni

How to do it

There are three plugins available when you download the GoPro Fusion Studio App
* Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Premiere CC AND Adobe After Effects CC.
* Plugins do not work with Adobe Creative Suite (CS). CS6 and below. 

GoPro VR Horizon:
With this plugin you can straighten the horizon of a 360 video using sliders for the yaw, pitch and roll axes. You can also use keyframes to create transitions between the spherical point of views and an optional “Smooth transition” checkbox helps you smoothen complex transitions.

GoPro VR Reframe:
With this second plugin you can input a 360 video and create an authored standard video by changing the field of view and the point of view, using the same three sliders for yaw pitch and roll.
And just like GoPro VR Horizon, you can use keyframes and the “Smooth transition” checkbox for your storytelling.

GoPro VR Layers:
Insert text, logos, and video layers on 360 footage

GoPro VR Horizon Video Tutorial

GoPro VR Reframe video tutorial

GoPro VR Layers 

GoPro VR ReFrame Premiere Pro Workflow

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