How To Be a Co-Pilot with the GoPro Passenger App

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How to be a co-pilot with the Passenger App

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  • Karma
  • Passenger App

How to do it

  1. Make sure your smartphone/tablet is paired to the GoPro Passenger App. For instructions, click HERE. 

  2. Once connected, go back to the PASSENGER APP settings on the Karma Controller. 

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  1. Scroll down to your connected devices and tap the camera icon next to the device that you want to be the co-pilot. 

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           The camera icon turns blue to confirm co-pilot control.* 

  1. At this point, you can start/stop recording, capture a photo, and adjust camera settings and tilt using your smartphone/tablet. 

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  1. The Karma Controller pilot can now resume normal flight.** 

*Only one (1) person can have co-pilot access at a time. 

**The Karma Controller pilot can still control all aspects of the camera even while connected with a co-pilot. 

GoPro: Karma - GoPro Passenger™ App

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