How to Use Create Mode for Quick Edits

What are you trying to do?

Using Create Mode, come up with great Quik edits in just a few clicks using your awesome GoPro footage.

Where does it apply?

Quik for desktop - Mac & Windows

How to do it

Feel free to check out the following video tutorial on "How to Create Videos in Quik|Desktop". You can continue to read below for written steps.
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The first thing you'll want to do is select the amount of clips that you'd like to open in the editor. If you'd like to select multiple videos at once, then there are two ways to do this.

Select one video in the gallery, then hold SHIFT and click on the last video you'd want to add to the editor. Quik for desktop will select all videos in between the first and last clip you chose.
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Select one video in the gallery, then hold CTRL(Windows) or CMD(Mac) and select individual clips that you'd like to import. This way, you can skip over any videos in between a series that you don't want to add.
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When you're done selecting your clips, click User-added image and your clips will be imported into the Create editor. Your clips will be on the top-left corner of the window, and you can use your mouse to scrub over each video to find the key HiLights which you want to add to your timeline. Once you find the sweet spot, clicking will mark that spot with a blue circle and also move that moment to your timeline below.
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Before you start adding clips, determine if you want your edit to be either 15, 30, or 60 seconds long. You can change the length of the video at the bottom-left corner next to the Music button. PRO TIP: There's a maximum number of HiLights that you can add to your timeline. This ensures a perfectly synced video once you add your music to the edit. 

Now that you've added all your maximum number of HiLights to the timeline, select User-added image so you can find a great soundtrack to put behind your edit. Non GoPro PLUS users will have 10 songs to choose from, whereas GoPro PLUS users will have access to 90 additional track options. Use the soundtrack descriptions below each track to match that with the type of track you're looking for, or just use the User-added image button next to the track to sample it. Once you've found the track that you want, click User-added image below your playback window and that will send you back to the editor with your chosen soundtrack behind it.

So you've added the maximum amount of clips along with some amazing music to your project, and now you're ready to create your edit! At this point, click "Save" at the bottom-right corner of the editor and you'll be prompted to name your video before it's created.

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Now you're finished! Notice the message just about the Save button,"You'll find your video in the Edits view." Navigate to that tab after the video is created to find and share it to Social Media if so desired.


If you'd like to find where your edits are saved on the hard drive, then navigate to your default import location(found in the general settings). Your saved edit will be in a folder within that default location.

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