How to Land Karma

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How to Land Karma

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This automated feature is available only with a GPS signal. To use this option, just press the Land button. The Karma Controller then presents two options: Return to You and Return to Launch.  
After you select an option, the drone flies up to the preset altitude and then flies toward the specified location. Once it reaches the location, it begins its descent. The drone automatically slows its landing speed the closer it gets to the ground for an easy landing. 
During the return flight, use the joysticks to nudge the aircraft around obstacles.  
The front indicator lights (green) on the drone begin blinking at a fast rate to indicate that the drone is landing. 


Very similar procedure as Return To Launch, but once you press the Land Button, it will return to that exact location when you pressed that button. It will not follow your continuous movement thereafter.

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Holding the Land button for 3 seconds causes the drone to land in place. GPS is not needed for this option.  
NOTE: You can press the Home button to interrupt an Automatic Shot Path and land Karma. 
Want to land Karma by yourself? Simply fly the drone back to the launch location and begin the descent. ​Shortly after the drone touches the ground, the motors turn off. You can stop the motors more quickly by pulling the left joystick back. When the propellers stop spinning, press the Power button on the drone to power it off. 


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