How to Import Camera Files to a Computer - Mac

What are you trying to do?

Transfer files from the camera to a Mac computer

Where does it apply?

  • MAX
  • HERO8 Black
  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO7 Silver
  • HERO7 White
  • Fusion
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO5 Session
  • HERO4
  • HERO Session + HERO4 Session
  • HERO3+
  • HERO+
  • HERO (2018)
  • HERO (2014)
  • Mac computers
  • Quik for desktop

How to do it

There are a few different ways to get your photos and videos from the camera to your computer.

We do not recommend using a USB Hub or Media Reader. 

Method #1 - Use Quik for desktop

Please refer to this link on How to Import Using Quik for Desktop​

Method #2 - Use an SD Adapter

If you have an SD adapter for your MicroSD card, you can insert the Micro SD card into the adapter and insert the adapter into your computer.  

  • Open a new Finder window. Your SD card will be on the left sidebar under the "devices" section.
  • Double-click on your SD card, and you should see two folders: DCIM and MISC.  
Mac Finder and No Name Disk Finder Window
  • Now double-click on the DCIM folder.  In that, you'll see a folder named 100GOPRO.  (Note - if you took more than 9999 pictures or videos, you'll see 101GOPRO, 102GOPRO, 103GOPRO, etc. folders).
GoPro Folder
  • From there you can drag & drop the files from your SD card to your computer.

Drag and drop GoPro folder to your Desktop or new folder.

Method #3 - Automatically with Image Capture

Image Capture allows you to:

  • Import files to a location of your choice
  • Delete files
  • View files before importing

Select the file(s) you want to Import and select Import, or Import All if you want to import everything.

Method #4 - Manually with Image Capture 

If you do not have Image Capture set up to automatically launch when you connect your camera, you can easily do it manually.  

  1. Select the magnifying glass in the top-right of your desktop.
  2. In the Spotlight section type either: Image Capture or iPhoto

Once the selected application opens, you can import your files just like in Method #2.


How to setup Image Capture to launch automatically

To set up Image Capture to launch automatically when you connect your camera you must first either launch Image Capture.  From there it's just a matter of selecting the desired program.

In Image Capture there is a setting in the lower left called: "Connecting this camera opens:".  It gives you the option to select No Application, iPhoto, or Image Capture.  Select Image Capture.


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