How Do I Change the Date on My Media?

What are you trying to do?

Change the date that your media is attached to across your GoPro Plus account.

Where does it apply?

The date for the media can be changed in Quik for Desktop but will apply to all media stored on your cloud Plus account.

How to do it

  1. In order to change the date associated with your media you'll first need to open Quik for Desktop.
  2. With Quik open you'll see your media and select the clip with a date you wish to change.
  3. From there you will select the "Media" tab, then "Adjust Date".
adjust date

date screen

Once saved this date will upload across the cloud. If the Plus account doesn't show the date immediately simply refresh the page, or log out and back in of the account and the date should be corrected. If the date is not showing up on the GoPro App, close out the app completely and reopen it.


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