Required Update for HERO7 White and Silver

HERO7 White and HERO7 Silver cameras both have a required update. An SD card (not included with camera) is necessary to be able to perform the update.

The update can be performed via three different methods:
  1. Via an over-the-air update through the GoPro App
    • Go to the appropriate App store on your mobile device and download or update the GoPro App
    • During the initial process you will be able to pair your mobile device to your GoPro Camera
    • The GoPro App will recognize that an update is required and will download the update to your mobile device
    • Your GoPro will download the software via Wi-Fi and your camera will go through the update process
  2. Via Quik for Desktop
    • On you computer, go to and scroll towards the bottom and click on Quik for Desktop
    • Go through the installation process
    • Power on your GoPro and plug the camera into your computer via the provided USB cable
    • Quik for Desktop will recognize your camera and ask you if you want to update your camera
    • Your camera will then begin the update process
  3. Via a manual update 
    • For this process you will need your camera, your SD card, an SD card adapter, and a computer
    • You will put the SD card into the adapter and then into the computer
    • Open your browser and proceed to
    • Select the proper camera that you need to update
    • Follow the step listed on the page
    • Remove the SD card from the computer
    • Ensure that your GoPro is powered off
    • Insert the SD card into your GoPro
    • Power on your GoPro
The camera will then begin the update process

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