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What is OverCapture? 
OverCapture is a unique and powerful editing tool that allows you to transform spherical media captured with Fusion, into traditional, non-spherical content, all from within the GoPro app. Think of it like a camera application, inside of your spherical media. That functionality allows you to re-record, punch-out and re-capture content from in an entirely new and game-changing way.

Why is OverCapture Important? 
Spherical media is an amazing way to capture everything from your latest gravity-defying BASE jump, to your daughter’s first birthday wish. But with today’s current mobile technology and general platform support, 360 content can present a challenge when it comes to sharing your stories with the rest of the world. Fusion shifts that paradigm by allowing you to record your surroundings, while staying in the moment. OverCapture allows you to relive that experience and tell a story from an entirely new angle.

What Type of Media Can I Use OverCapture on?
All 360 photos and videos captured by Fusion and downloaded to the GoPro app are eligible to use with OverCapture. OverCapture allows for the creation of traditional photos or videos from 360 videos, but it also allows you to select a portion of a 360 photo, and pull a traditional photo out of it.
Get to Know the Basics
Landscape Orientation
Currently, OverCapture is only supported with your device in landscape mode. The app will prompt you to rotate your device into landscape orientation. Once in landscape, the notification disappears. 

Touch and drag your finger across the screen, or lift and tilt your device to engage gyroscopic controls. You can even pinch-to-zoom in order to set the field of view just the way you like it. 

(A) Reorientation
Sometimes, navigating 360 media gets you turned around beyond recognition. Reset to the default FOV and find your way with the reorientation button.

(B) Aspect Ratio
Dictate the scope of your video by changing between available aspect ratio sizes. This selection will be applied to your final video. 

(C) Seeking & Player Controls
Play, Pause and Scrub to find the perfect starting point for your story.

(D) Close
Exit OverCapture mode and return to the 360 player.

(E) OverCapture Shutter 
Start / Stop your OverCapture recording. Clicking this button will begin auto-playing your video and start the recording process. Clicking a second time stops the OverCapture recording.
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Traditional Video from a 360 Video
Record & Reframe
Once you’ve chosen a starting point, hit the shutter button to begin OverCapture recording. Tapping the shutter button plays the video and begins the recording process automatically. Note the video duration counts up to indicate clip length.  And don’t forget, it’s a 360 video! So touch, drag, pan and tilt to your heart’s content to reframe your video and tell the story from a different angle.

Review & Share
When you’re finished recording, just hit the stop button to checkout your new OverCapture video on the review screen. If you don’t like what you see, use the back arrow to try it again. It may take a bit of trial and error. But once you’re happy with the results, hit the either Share or Download icons to stitch, render and save your new video.
Don’t navigate away or put the app in the background, as doing so may result in having to restart the stitching process. Once stitching completes you can review your new clip again, save it to your Local Media tab, or share it out to all your friends!
Traditional Photo/Video from a 360 Photo (New in version 4.6)

Record & Download
Once you've lined up your shot, hit the shutter button to snap your 360 photo. Access your camera's media, find your new photo(s), and download them to your device's internal storage.

Re-record & Share
Now that you've downloaded your 360 photos locally, go to the media section of the GoPro App and make sure you're on the "App" tab. Select your 360 photo and press the Overcapture button to go to the next screen.

Press the shutter button to record a video, or press the camera button to grab a still image.
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Traditional Photo from a 360 Video
Grab a Frame!
You may have noticed a few changes to our Frame Grabbing tool for Fusion (circled below). With OverCapture, you now have the ability to snag a 360 photo from your video, or reframe and punch out a traditional hi-res image. 
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All About the Aspect Ratio
Tap the aspect ratio button to toggle between traditional and 360 image outputs. Once you’ve decided on aspect ratio, scrub through your video, or step through each frame to find the best one. And again, don’t forget to explore the sphere, using touch and drag or lift and tilt controls to get the best angle. 
When you like what you see on-screen, hit next to review your selection. From there, you can share your new photo to all of your favorite platforms or just save a copy to your local media.
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Local Media Grid
Where’d My OverCapture Go?
Once you’ve stitched and saved your OverCapture content, it will be saved and displayed in Local Media as the traditional, non-spherical content it now is. 
So text it to all your friends. Put it up on your Dropbox. Or better yet, throw it in your latest QuikStory!
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