Fusion - Supported Devices

With breath-taking 5.2K/30 and 3K/60 spherical video resolutions, state-of-the-art stitching algorithms and GoPro’s industry-leading image quality, Fusion truly pushes the limits of what is possible on a mobile device. Accordingly, in order to get the best experience, we strongly recommend using the newest mobile hardware you have available. 

Below is a list of mobile devices that meet the hardware requirements for compatibility with Fusion. Please keep in mind that, particularly on Android, other factors present on the device (such as GPU libraries or region and carrier-specific SOCs) can affect performance, even when minimum hardware requirements are satisfied.
iOS Devices - Click to expand
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro (10.5 inch)
  • iPad Pro (12.9 inch. 2nd Gen)
  • iPad Pro (12.9 inch.)
  • iPad Pro (9.7 inch.)
  • iPad (5th Gen)
Requires iOS10 and above. For specific feature compatibility on iOS, check out this table:
 PairingControlPreviewGoPro App GalleryPlaybackSave PhotoSave Video
iPhone 6S & above

iPhone SE
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

iPhone 5S & below

iPod Touch 6G
iPod Touch 5G

iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2nd generation)


iPad Pro (10.5-inch, Cellular)



iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

iPad Pro (12.9 inch)

iPad Pro (9.7 inch)


5th Gen (Wi-Fi + Cellular)


9.7-Inch 5th Gen (Wi-Fi Only)

iPad (5th gen)

iPad Mini 4

iPad Air 2

iPad mini 3

iPad mini (2nd gen)

iPad Air

iPad mini

iPad 2

iPad (4th gen)

iPad (3rd gen)

Android Devices - Click to expand
  • Asus ZenFone AR
  • Essential PH1
  • Google Pixel / Pixel XL
  • Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL
  • HTC U11
  • Huawei P10 / P10 Plus
  • Huawei P20 / P20 Pro / P20 Lite
  • LG G7 ThinQ
  • LG V30
  • Motorola Moto Z / Moto Z Force
  • Motorola Moto Z2 Force
  • OnePlus 5 / 5T
  • OnePlus 6 / 6T
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / S7 Active ∆*
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / Note 8 ∆
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ / Note 9 ∆
  • Sony Xperia XZ1 / XZ Premium 
  • ZTE Axon 7
* -  Limited Support Device: Performance is not optimized for this device. Some functionality may be limited.
∆ - Limited Sharing for Select Samsung Galaxy Models: Sharing of 360 videos is not supported for select Samsung Galaxy models at this time. 360 photo sharing is available to supported sharing platforms.

As we continue to improve stability, image processing and overall performance on the platform, additional Android devices will become supported.

As of September 2018, sharing limited Samsung Galaxy models are:

Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ | Note 9
SC-02K, SCV38, SM-G960U, SM-G960U1, SM-G960W, SM-G9600, SM-G9608, SC-03K, SCV39, SM-G965U, SM-G965U1, SM-G965W, SM-G9650, SM-N9600, SM-N9608, SM-N960U, SM-N960W

Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ | Note 8
SC-02J, SCV36, SM-G950W, SM-G9500, SM-G9508, SM-G950U, SM-G950U1, SM-G892A, SC-03J, SCV35, SM-G955W, SM-G9550, SM-G955U, SM-G955U1, SC-01K, SCV37, SM-N950W, SM-N9500, SM-N9508, SM-N950U, SM-N950U1

Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge | S7 Active
SM-G930F, SM-G930X, SM-G930W8, SM-G930K, SM-G930L, SM-G930S, SM-G930R7, SAMSUNG-SM-G930AZ, SAMSUNG-SM-G930A, SM-G930VC, SM-G9300, SM-G9308, SM-G930R6, SM-G930T1, SM-G930P, SM-G930VL, SM-G930T, SM-G930U, SM-G930R4, SM-G930V, SAMSUNG-SM-G891A, SC-02H, SCV33, SM-G935F, SM-G935X, SM-G935W8, SM-G935K, SM-G935L, SM-G935S, SAMSUNG-SM-G935A, SM-G935VC, SM-G9350, SM-G935P, SM-G935T, SM-G935U, SM-G935R4, SM-G935V

Usability Information
Neither iOS nor Android media gallery applications (iOS Photos, etc) natively support the 360 media created by Fusion. Therefore, we cannot save content directly to the those applications. Content will be saved in the Local Media section of your GoPro App. As such, deleting the GoPro application will remove this content from your device. 

When viewing videos from your GoPro camera (on SD card), you are viewing an LRV file (low resolution video). When media is saved to Local Media in the GoPro App, you are viewing a full resolution video. Photos are shown at full resolution regardless of whether you view them in the Camera or Local Media section of the GoPro App.

Sharing Limitations
360 Video sharing is a resource-intensive activity that demands a lot from your mobile device. As such, there are limitations to the duration of clips that are shareable via the GoPro app. Current limitations are:
  • Youtube: 90 second clips or less
  • Facebook: 30 second clips or less and photos
Control Fusion Remotely
If you want to control Fusion remotely, check out Smart Remote.

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