Quik for mobile - I Don't See My Full Video Clip

Wondering why you don't see your full video clip? Wondering what Smart Cuts are?
​When you add a video clip Quik does its little magic: it will only take some fragments of it, they are called Smart Cuts.​

There are several option for Smart Cuts. To see them, tap on the preview, in the EDIT VIEW, tap on the "scissors" icon.

​To see your video clip in full choose the Manual option.

​​Here are the Smart Cuts options:

• ​Balanced: Quik picks the best clips from your video, within your selected range.
• ​Action: Quik looks for speed and jumps in your video (HERO6)
• ​Travel: Quik looks for panoramic shots (slow pans) in your video (HERO6)
• ​People: Quik looks for faces (HERO6) and smiles(HERO7 Black)
• ​Manual: Trim your video, not cut.
• ​HiLight Only: Quik only plays existing HiLights. Go in HiLight panel to set them.​

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