External Microphone Information with the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adaptor

Where does it apply?
  • Media Mod
  • HERO8 Black
  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO5 Session

What is the reserved power bias for external mics?
The reserved power bias for external mics is 2.5V.

What's the impedance of the external mic?
  • GoPro mic input impedance is 2.2 kOhms in the STANDARD MIC and STANDARD MIC+ settings.
  • ​GoPro mic input impedance is 47kOhms in the POWERED MIC and POWERED MIC+ settings.
  • GoPro LINE IN input impedance is 8kOhms.
Is the external mic connection balanced or unbalanced?
Unbalanced (3.5mm stereo)

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT QUICK CAPTURE and HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black/ HERO5 Black/ HERO5 Session when using a Pro 3.5mm Mic Adaptor:

Non-Powered Microphones will not work when starting a video using Quick Capture (with the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adaptor). There are two workarounds:
1. Use a powered microphone if the customer needs to use Quick Capture.
2. If the customer is unable to use a powered microphone, simply power the camera on first and then start a recording. 


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