HERO3+ Recording Time in Each Video Setting

Recording time will vary according to the resolution setting used and the card capacity. Here are the average recording storage times for HERO3+ cameras with a 64GB SD card.

Note #1: If you are using a 32 GB SD card, these average record times would be half as large.

Note #2: These are not battery life estimates, these are storage capacity estimates for the SD card.  For battery life estimates, see this article: HERO3+ Camera Battery-life.

ResolutionHERO3+ Black EditionHERO3+  Silver Edition
4K 17:9 3h  n/a
4K 3h  n/a
2.7k 17:9 3h  n/a
2.7k 3h  n/a
1440-484h 30mn/a
1440-304h 30mn/a
1440-244h 30mn/a
1080-60 Superview4h 30mn/a
1080-48 Superview4h 30mn/a
1080-30 Superview4h 30mn/a
1080-24 Superview4h 30mn/a
1080-604h 30m5h 30m
1080-48 4h 30m n/a
1080-30 7h  9h 30m
1080-24 4h 30m n/a
960-100 4h 30m n/a
960-604h 30m9h 30m
960-48 4h 30m n/a
960-30n/a9h 30m
720-100 Superview 4h 30m n/a
720-48 Superview 4h 30m n/a
720-48 Superview4h 30m n/a
720-120 4h 30m5h 30m
720-604h 30m 9h 30m
720-30n/a 9h 30m
wvga-2404h 30m  n/a
wvga-60n/a 9h 30m

Protune video in HERO3+ Black edition cameras:
With a Recommended SD Card: 3.2 hrs @ 45Mbps

Without a Recommended SD Card: 4.1 hrs @ 35 Mbps

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