NO SD Or SD ERR On Camera's LCD

What’s the issue?

The camera is showing NO SD or SD ERR.

Where does it apply?

All Cameras

How to fix it

If you’re experiencing either an ‘SD ERR’ or ‘NO SD’ message on your camera’s LCD screen, this means that your camera can't properly communicate with the SD card. Here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue: 

Please note: Ensure that you back up any pictures and/or videos before you proceed any further to prevent loss of footage.

If you see "SD ERR" or "SD ERROR"

  1. Make sure that the SD card is fully inserted in the camera.
  2. Please enter the Settings menu and select the trash can icon to Delete All/Format your SD card. You can also format the SD card using Quik or your Mac / Windows computer. This wipes the SD card clean of all data including any potential issues that may have been causing the error. Exit your settings menu and you'll no longer see error codes displayed.
  3. If you still see this error after recording in a high-resolution or frame rate mode, it's likely that your SD card is unable to keep up with the camera's output. For further validation, please try a secondary card from our Recommended List for the best performance.

If you see "NO SD"

  1. First, make sure that the SD card is fully inserted in the camera. Power on the camera and verify that "NO SD" is still displayed.
  2. If the camera still displays "NO SD," we’ll have to format the card using the computer before being able to use it in the camera. Please insert the card into your computer using a microSD Card reader/adapter.  
  3. Follow the formatting instructions for your operating system: Windows | Mac 
  4. Upon completing the card format in the computer, safely eject the card, put it back into the GoPro and power it ON. If an "SD ERR" message appears please use the instructions above to clear this message, otherwise if the display reads normally you’re all set. 
  5. If the above troubleshooting doesn't resolve the issues, there could be a problem with your SD card or a problem with the camera recognizing SD cards. If available, try inserting a secondary SD card in the camera to see if it will recognize a different card and narrow down where the issue is coming from. 

These steps should help get you back up and running. If you continue to experience any errors, please reach out to our Customer Support Team and they will be happy to help answer any questions and proceed forward. 

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