GoPro App Camera Connection Troubleshooting

What’s the issue?

Unable to connect a GoPro camera to the GoPro App. The app might say "Connect Your Camera" / "Wi-Fi Network Not Connected" or "Connection Lost".

Where does it apply?

  • GoPro App
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices
  • All Wi-Fi enabled GoPro Cameras

How to fix it

Having trouble connecting your camera to the GoPro App? 
There are two things we can try that solve most connection issues between the camera and the GoPro App: 

  • Delete the Bluetooth ID from your device settings
  • Reset the Wi-Fi on your camera
Please find instructions below for both.

How to Delete Bluetooth ID on your mobile device (iOS and Android)
iOS Devices:
Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Select the circle with the "i" in it next to your GoPro and then select "Forget this device". Bluetooth is now reset for that camera on your iOS device.

Android Devices:
Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the gear icon next to your GoPro to enter Bluetooth Settings > tap "Unpair". Bluetooth is now reset for that camera on your Android device.
How to remove the camera from the menu in the GoPro App (iOS and Android)
iOS Devices:
Select the camera icon in the top left corner. Then, select pencil icon in the top left corner to delete a camera.
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Select "X" to delete the camera, then select the Delete to remove the camera.
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Android Devices:
From the home screen tap on the hamburger menu and select menu item “Camera”
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Long press on the camera you want to remove, then tap Delete to remove the camera. 

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Forget the Wi-FI Network
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Huawei Devices
The steps below are specific to connection issues on Huawei Devices:
1. Disable Wi-Fi + from the device’s Wi-Fi settings screen.
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2. Turn ON location services (GPS) on your phone before connecting your camera. Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > Location Access > Access My Location.
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Other Android Phones:
Please also try disabling “Smart Network Switch” or “Auto Network Switch” from the phone’s Wi-Fi settings.

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How to reset the Wi-Fi on our Camera
Once you've deleted the Bluetooth ID, please also reset your Wi-Fi. 

HERO6 Black / HERO5 Black
  • From the main screen, swipe down.
  • Tap Connect > Reset Connections, and then tap Reset.
  • You will now have a new password that is created by the camera.
  • NOTE: The camera name cannot be altered on HERO5 Black, only the password can be reset. 
HERO5 Session
  • With your camera off, press the Menu button to turn on the status screen.
  • Press the Menu button repeatedly until you get to "Connections Settings".
  • Press the Shutter button to select "Connections Settings".
  • Press the Menu button repeatedly until you get to "Reset Connections".
  • Press the Shutter button to select "Reset Connections".
  • Press the Menu button to navigate to "Yes".
  • Press the Shutter button to select "Yes".
  • "Wi-fi Reset Successful" will appear on status screen.
HERO4 Black & Silver
  • Turn the camera ON.
  • Press the Mode button until “Set Up” appears on the screen.
  • Select the red shutter button on top of the camera.
  • Press the Mode button repeatedly on front of the camera until “Reset Cam” is highlighted.
  • Press the Mode button to select “Reset Wi-Fi”.
  • Press the shutter button to select.
  • Press the mode button to highlight “Reset”
  • Press the shutter button to select.
HERO4 Session

Reset the Camera:

  • Press and hold the shutter button for 8-10 seconds.
  • Note: Resetting the camera does not reset the Wi-Fi

Reset the Wi-Fi:

  • Press and hold the INFO/Wi-Fi button for 8-10 seconds; you will be prompted with "Reset Wi-Fi." 
  • ​Press the INFO/Wi-Fi button once to highlight YES. 
  • Press the SHUTTER button once to select YES; the camera will prompt you that the reset has occurred, then turn off. 
  • Follow the pairing instructions here. You will set up a new name and password during the pairing process. 
  • Turn the camera ON.
  • Press the Mode button repeatedly on front of the camera until “Set Up” appears on the screen.
  • Select the shutter button on top of the camera.
  • Select the shutter button to select into the Wireless menu.
  • Press the Mode button until "Reset Wi-Fi" is highlighted.
  • Press the shutter button to select.
  • Press the Mode button to highlight “Reset”.
  • Press the shutter button to select.
  • Typically connection issues on the HERO3 or HERO3+ result from entering the wrong password. In order to get reconnected, please follow these instructions to reset the password on your camera: Password Reset Instructions.

Pair Your Camera

Now that you've deleted the Bluetooth ID and reset your Wi-Fi, you will need to pair your GoPro as a new device.

To pair as a new camera, please follow these instructions:
How to Pair the Camera with the GoPro App


If Your Wi-Fi Network Can't be Found in Phone/Tablet:

  1. Turn off/on the phone/tablet's Wi-Fi.
  2. Power off/on the camera.
  3. Make sure the camera is in GoPro App or Phone/Tablet mode and that you see a Wi-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner of the camera's screen.
  4. Open up the Wireless Settings on your device and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network with the phone/tablet.
  5. If the network is not present in the phone/tablet's list, try another phone/table if possible.
  6. Redo the software update.

Check your mobile device settings:
  1. If you still can't get connected, close the GoPro App, forget the Wi-Fi network in your device's wireless network settings, and turn on Airplane Mode on your device.  
  2. Turn off any Firewall apps, such as Droid Wall.
  3. Try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network and launch the GoPro App.  
  4. If you're unable to connect to your camera, then this means that your device's APN settings are preventing the GoPro App from working on your device.  Apps that affect data compression/transfer and your device's APN settings conflict with the GoPro App. Uninstall those APN/data compression apps to restore your APN settings to default, then the GoPro App should work with or without Airplane Mode enabled.

Still having trouble?
Please contact contact Customer Support and provide the following information. We will gladly do everything we can to get you up and running with the GoPro App:
  • A brief description of what you have tried
  • Camera Model 
  • Camera firmware version (e.g. v3.00)
  • Phone Model (e.g. iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • Mobile OS (e.g. iOS 10.1 or Android 5.1)
  • Carrier (e.g. Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.)
  • GoPro App version

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