What is Exposure Control?


What is Exposure Control?

Where does it apply?

  • HERO8 Black
  • HERO7 (White, Silver, & Black)
  • HERO (2018)
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • Karma Controller


The Exposure Control feature on your camera lets you select an area that you want the camera to prioritize when determining exposure. This setting is particularly useful in shots where an important region might otherwise be over- or underexposed.

To access this feature: 
  1. Press on the Touch Display until a square outline shrinks to the middle of the screen.
  2. Drag the square or tap on an area that you want to use to set the exposure level.
  3. Tap "Auto Exposure" to change it to "Locked Exposure."
  4. Tap the check-mark icon in the lower right corner to confirm the setting. 

TIP: When changing this setting, the Touch Display will immediately show the effect the change will have on your footage. Some Protune settings will not be available when utilizing Locked Exposure. 

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