Karma Behavior When the Battery Runs Low


What is Karma's behavior when the battery runs low?

Where does it apply?

  • Karma 


To help monitor battery level and understand Karma's low battery behavior, the pilot will now see two markers on the upper left corner of the battery bar.

Battery Low indicators  

Legend Diamonds

When each marker is reached, Karma will initiate its low battery protocol and the user will be notified on the controller screen. 

Prior to reaching the yellow marker, Karma will notify the pilot that the battery is running low and the return to home sequence will start soon.

For more information on the Return to Home, please click here

Auto Return On or Off

If Auto Return is set to OFF, the user will only see the red battery marker. They will have to acknowledge that this mode is for experts, and that they are responsible for monitoring Karma's battery level closely. 

Auto Return Off Warning for Auto Return

One warning indicator


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