What are microSD Adapters?


What are microSD adapters?

Where does it apply?

  • All cameras with a microSD card slot


In order for your microSD card to be seen on your computer you will need a microSD adapter.  These adapters can come in two varieties:

  1. microSD to SD card adapter
  2. microSD USB card reader

On the left, a microSD to SD card adapter and on the right, a microSD USB reader
           microSD to SD card adapter                            A micro USB card reader​

Disabling Write Protection
First, insert your microSD card into the microSD adaptor.

Make sure that your SD card adaptor has the write protection switch set to the OFF position before you insert it into the computer. The switch should be in the up or unlocked position.

A microSD to SD card adapter with the switch in the up or unlocked position

Write protection should now be disabled.

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