Supported Resolutions for Copy and Share in Capture


What resolutions are supported to copy and share to wirelessly to Capture or from Quik Key?

Where does it apply?

  • Capture
  • Quik Key
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices


Not all devices will support the resolutions that a GoPro camera can offer. This article shows the resolutions that should be supported when transferred to your device from Quik Key or downloaded wirelessly from a camera by using Capture.

Android Users:
Android devices do not have a strict set of video formats that are playable or not. The majority of current Android devices are capable of playing back most videos, even 4K. However, every Android phone is different, so you may see some stuttering or choppy playback on higher resolutions and frame rates.

iOS Users:
Please note that compatibility varies by device, camera model, and operating system version. Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices 
iPad Pro supports all video formats and does not require transcoding.

Capture might not support Live Preview for HERO2 and HERO3 cameras. However, you should be able to save the content depending on what your device will support. 

Please be sure that your device has double the available space of the content you wish to transfer.
For example: If your video is 2GB, be sure you have at least 4GB available. More space will be needed to convert higher resolution files to a lower resolution that your device can handle.

Your device supports copy and sharing of these files in their original, high-resolution format.

Yes*: Your video will convert to a lower resolution by using the processor on your phone. In most cases, video will become 1080p and 30-60fps. Some older phones (iPhone 4s, 5 and 5c) do not support this conversion. 

Capture ModeiPhone 7, 6s and SEiPhone 6, 5s, 5c, 5 and 4s
Copy and ShareCopy and Share
Time Lapse Video 4KNONO
Time Lapse Video 2.7KNONO
Time Lapse Video 1080pYESYES
4K 30 fpsYES*YES*
4K 24 fpsYES*YES*
2.7K 60fps    YES*YES*
2.7K 48fps    YES*YES*
2.7K 30fpsYESYES*
2.7K 24fpsYESYES*
2.7K 4:3 30fpsYES*YES*
1440p 48fpsYESYES*
1440p 30fpsYESYES*
1440p 24fpsYESYES*
1080p 120fpsYES*YES*
1080p 90fpsYES*YES*
1080p 60fpsYESYES
1080p 48fpsYESYES
1080p 30fpsYESYES
1080p 24fpsYESYES
960p 120fpsYESYES*
960p 60fpsYESYES
720p 240fpsYES*YES*
720p 120fpsYESYES
720p 60fpsYESYES
720p 30fpsYESYES
480p 240fpsYESYES

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