Stabilization Options with the Karma Grip


What are the stabilization options with the Karma grip?

Where does it apply?

  • Karma Grip


Stabilization options: 
  • General Use: Power on the Karma Grip and start recording video.  
  • Capturing an Object Above/Below the Horizon: Press and hold the Tilt Lock button to set and lock the stabilizer to your desired angle. As you move the Karma Grip, the stabilizer retains the position. To reset the grip, press the Tilt Lock Button.  
  • Upside Down: Turn the Karma Grip upside down and twist it 180 degrees to capture the perfect low angle follow cam point of view.  
  • Manual Harness Adjustment: Manually move the harness into a desired position and the Karma Stabilizer holds the tilt.  
Karma Grip Buttons:  
  • Power/Mode button: Power on and off and change modes 
  • Tilt Lock button: Adjust camera tilt angle and check the battery status 
  • Shutter button: Start and stop recording 
  • HiLight Tag button: Add HiLight Tags  
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