White Balance Setting Information


What are the different White Balance settings?

Where does it apply?

  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO (2018)
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO5 Session
  • HERO4 
  • HERO Session + HERO4 Session
  • HERO3+ Black 
  • HERO3: Black & Silver


Protune lets users manually adjust the white balance depending on what the shooting conditions are. This option is available in the camera's settings menu when Protune is turned ON. When Protune is turned OFF, the camera uses Auto White Balance. Here's an explanation of the manual settings:

Auto (Default): Automatically adjusts the color tone based on the environmental conditions.

 6500k: Cool light.  This setting is great for overcast conditions.

 5500k: slightly cool light.  This setting is great for daylight while shooting outside.

 3000k: Warm light.  This setting is great for lower-light situations, where you want the camera to pick up detail without the help of a lot of surrounding light.

Native: Industry standardized optimized color.  The Native option yields a minimally processed data file directly from the image sensor that allows for more precise adjustments to be made in post-production. Recording with this option takes full advantage of the image sensor’s capabilities. 

For most users, we recommend keeping the White Balance setting on auto, as it does a great job of automatically adjusting the white balance to best suit the conditions.

Note: HERO6 Black has the following additional White Balance settings:

  • 2300k
  • 2800k
  • 3200k
  • 4000k
  • 4500k
  • 6000k

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