HERO3 Camera Battery-life


What is the HERO3 Camera Battery-life?

Where does it apply?

  • HERO3: Black 
  • HERO3: Silver
  • HERO3: White


Here's a list of the average run times for the HERO3 cameras with a fully charged battery*.  

 Avg. time for camera onlyAvg. time for lowest power consumption settingAvg. time for highest power consumption settingAvg. time for Camera + LCD Touch BacPacAvg. time for Camera + Battery BacPac2
Black Edition1.5 hrs1.5 hrs (1080-30)1 hr (WVGA-240)1 hr2.5 hrs
Silver Edition2 hrs2 hrs (720-30)1.5 hrs (WVGA-120)1.5 hrs3 hrs
White Edition2.5 hrs3 hrs (WVGA-60 and 720-30)2 hrs (1080-30)1.5 hrs3.5 hrs
Please note there are a variety of conditions that can affect run times, such as:
  • Cold weather, which will reduce battery-life.
  • Enabling Wi-Fi, which will reduce battery-life
  • The above times are based on doing a continuous record.  Stopping/starting recording, or powering camera on/off repeatedly will reduce the total record time.
*Based on GoPro engineering testing. Actual performance may vary based on settings, environmental conditions and other factors. Maximum battery capacity will normally decrease with time and use. 

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