GoPro Omni: Product Registration and Software Updates


How do users register their Omni and perform Software Updates?

Where does it apply?

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The "All Inclusive Package":

Users who purchase the "All Inclusive Package" will receive cameras with the most up-to-date software. If the user ever needs to perform an update, they will need to go to the Omni Community Registration Page to register his/her Omni and download the Update. 

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After entering necessary fields: 
Email verify

Rig Alone Package:
Customers who already have 6 cameras and purchase JUST the Omni Rig must perform the following steps:
  1. Create a GoPro account and Register at the Omni Community Registration Page.
  2. Wait for an email from GoPro for verification.
  3. Access the Professional tab on the GoPro Support Hub.
  4. Download the Omni Update for both the Primary and Secondary cameras.
Update Process:
Here are the steps the customer will take to perform the Omni Update process.

Updating Omni Firmware
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1. Log in to the GoPro Support Hub with your account that has Omni access:­‐p/Omni

2. Prepare the six cameras: a. Download the Omni firmware from the Support Hub. b. Unzip the file (if necessary). c. Copy the UPDATE folder onto six microSD cards (one for each camera in the Omni array). d. Insert the microSD cards into the cameras.

3. Make sure the in-­‐camera batteries are charged and inserted in the cameras and the cameras are installed in Omni. (Note: It is not recommended to perform the update with the in-­‐camera batteries removed and Omni powered by the external power input.)

4. Power on the primary camera in the array to begin updating them.

5. After the secondary cameras are updated, the primary camera updates the array system. Be patient during the array system update—this process can take several minutes. When both updates are complete, all LED lights on the inner cube are lit green and the cameras display Array Ready.
Omni Manual PDF Document
Online Manual for Omni

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