How to Install Quik for desktop in Windows

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This article details the process to download and install Quik for desktop in Windows 10.

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Quik for desktop - Windows

How to do it

Step 1: Go to the Quik for desktop product page.

Step 2: Select Download Now and the download will begin

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Step 4: The download should start for you automatically (The screenshot of the download below is from Chrome, other browsers may look different).

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Install Quik | Desktop

Step 5: Open the file that was just downloaded either by clicking on the download icon in your web browser or file in the downloads folder of Windows Explorer.

Step 6: Click Next to confirm that you want to run this file.

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Step 7: Go through the Quik | Desktop Installer process, accepting the terms of the license agreement, and confirming install location as needed.

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Step 8: The Quik for desktop executable file is located at C:\Program Files\GoPro\GoPro Desktop App. You can run it directly from here if need be
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