How to Identify Damaged Karma Parts

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How to Identify damaged Karma parts

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  • Karma 

How to do it

  • Propellers 
    • Check for cracks or dents 
    • Ensure the self-tightening screw is not stripped 
  • Arms 
    • Check for cracks or dents 
    • Ensure the arms open and close smoothly 
    • Make sure the arms do not wiggle 
  • Damaged Landing Gear 
    • Check for cracks or dents on the legs 
    • Ensure the legs fully extend without blockage 
    • Check the compass connection for damaged wiring 
  • Cracked Top Shell 
    • Check for cracks or dents 
    • Make sure the shell is attached around the body edge 
  • Broken Joystick 
    • Make sure the joystick is not cracked 
    • Ensure that the joystick has full motion without resistance 
  • Pushed-In Camera Tilt Wheel 
    • Test the wheel movement for full range 
    • Ensure that nothing is lodged inside the tilt wheel compartment 
  • Unresponsive Buttons 
    • Check all buttons to make sure the controller is responsive to their commands 
  • Check for cracks on a connecting point 
  • Ensure that the harness is not bent 
  • Check for jammed motors 
  • Check for locked or resistant motor movement

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