How To Import Footage With Omni Importer?

What are you trying to do?

Importing you footage through Omni Importer.

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Where does it apply?

  • GoPro Omni
  • HERO4 Black
  • AutoPano Video Pro
  • AutoPano Giga

How to do it

Step 1: Download Omni Importer
Omni InstallationThe GoPro Omni Importer (automatically installed with Autopano Video Pro v2.5, if enabled with the checkbox) is a standalone application specifically designed to support Omni.

Step 2: Import Content Into Omni Importer
Omni Importer
Locate your footage
There are two options to import footage.
  1. From your microSD card in a USB reader
  2. From a file location on your computer. 
  • Once added in the GoPro Omni Importer, you will get a preview of your 360°/spherical video(s). 
  • GoPro Omni Importer expects that files are still on SD Cards, however is it possible to locate files already offloaded on hard drive. In this case, you will choose a directory where you have previously offloaded your footage into 6 separate folders (called CAM1, CAM2, ..., CAM6). Each folder must contain the full DCIM directory imported from the GoPro's.
  • Warning: In order to import your videos, you must have all the files present on the SD cards (LVR,.THM and .MP4).
Rename filesYou can play and/or re-name the video title directly in the preview window (just click on the title and edit).

Step 3: Horizon Straightening and "Flip Video" feature
Flip Before
Flip After
When Omni is static, and mounted on a pole, the importer automatically straightens the horizon. As there are two fixed positions. A "flip video" button can be found next to the player bar to rotate your footage.

Step 4: Computing Options:
Color CorrectionNone: No color correction is applied or calculated
High: Color correction is calculated every second
Medium: Color correction is calculated every 5 seconds
Low: Color correction is calculated every 10 seconds
StabilizationNone: No stabilization is applied or calculated
Optical: Compensation for low and high frequency vibrations is enabled
Render QualityNone: No rendering occurs, the files are imported and the .kava file created
2K, 4K, Cineform: You can render your video file(s) directly by selecting 2K, 4K or Cineform

Step 5: Start Processing Button
ProcessingNow the importer can stitch the files into one single 360°/spherical video, compute the color correction/stabilization/render quality and copy the files to a selected folder. Trim each sequence, select those to be processed, and then press the "Start Processing" button in the lower right corner.
Done ProcessingRendered video files and the .kava project file can be opened in Autopano Video Pro for further adjustments and fine tuning.

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