Clip and Share in Quik for desktop

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How do I Clip and Share in Quik for desktop?

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Quik for desktop - Windows and Mac

How to do it

  1. Open Quik for desktop
  2. Select Media or Recently Added along the left sidebar for a particular clip or time lapse sequence that you would like to clip and share.
  3. Double click or right click to open and view the video or time lapse sequence.​
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  1. Click on the scissors icon along the lower left corner
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  1. There will be a blue in and out marker, that are labeled with 3 vertical dots, that you can move side to side. Move the in and out markers to the area that you would like to trim. Note the length of the trimmed clip below the playback bar. 
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  1. Press the Save button along the lower right hand corner to save you clip. Then press OK.
  2. You can have an option to share the clip to either Facebook or Youtube. If not, press No Thanks.
  3. Once the clip is saved, you can now find the trimmed clip under the sections Recently Added, Edits, or Media (last clip based on the time created).


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