How To Turn On GPS With GoPro Cameras

Compatible GoPro Cameras
  • HERO11 Black
  • HERO10 Black
  • HERO9 Black
  • MAX
  • HERO8 Black
  • Fusion
  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
Using GPS info:
Reasons to use GPS:
  • Allows you to use Performance Stickers in the Quik App.
  • Allows you to have the GPMF data to be used in third-party applications to show speed/altitude/route, etc.
  • Allows the camera to detect specific moments for auto-edits in the Quik App.
  • Does not have much of an impact on battery life.

Turning On GPS:
  1. Turn on your GoPro.
  2. From the main screen, swipe down (HERO11/10/9 Black, swipe left after swiping down) and tap [Preferences].
  3. For HERO11 Black, scroll to [GPS] and turn GPS [On]. For HERO10/9 Black, scroll to [Regional], tap [GPS] and turn GPS [On].
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Getting a GPS Signal (GPS Lock):

To record GPS data, your GoPro needs to lock onto a GPS satellite signal. Once GPS found and locked, you will see the GPS icon turn solid on the camera display in the camera dashboard screen (HERO10 on the left and HERO5 on the right). To get the best results possible, keep in mind the info below:
  • Make sure you’re outside and away from large structures.
  • Hold or mount your camera with the top facing upward.
  • If possible, let your camera be powered on for a few minutes prior to starting your recording.

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  • GPS Performance Stickers do not work with Time Lapse Videos or Time Lapse Photos. For Fusion footage, they can be added to standard videos created in OverCapture.

* GPS Performance Stickers only supported on videos in HERO mode (MAX).
** GPS Performance Stickers only supported on OverCapture videos (Fusion)

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