GoPro TradeUp Program | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GoPro TradeUp program?
The GoPro TradeUp program lets you trade in your old GoPro for a discount on a new HERO5. Getting started is easy at We’ll even cover the shipping both ways.  

How much will I save on HERO5?
You’ll get $100 off HERO5 Black or $50 off HERO5 Session™ for each camera you trade in. (Only one discount is allowed per camera purchase.)

Which GoPro camera models are eligible for trade-in?
All GoPro camera models HERO4 and older can be traded in. Send ‘em our way! 

My GoPro doesn’t work. Is that OK?
Yep, we’ll take your camera in any condition. Scratched, dented, dinged, destroyed—GoPro cameras are made for getting after it, so no worries if it doesn’t work.  

How many cameras can I trade in?
You can trade in as many as you want, but you have to register each camera separately at Only one discount is allowed per camera purchase.  

How do I return my old GoPro?
You’ll receive an email with a prepaid shipping label. (The email will come from FedEx®, not GoPro, so be on the lookout). Then just print it out, pack it up and send it in.  

Are there any shipping costs or other fees?
Nope. You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label from FedEx to return your old GoPro. Your new HERO5 will ship for free, too. There are no additional fees to trade in your camera.  

I received the FedEx email in my Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail account, but the attachment has no content. How can I get my prepaid shipping label?
This seems to be a FedEx issue unique to Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail, and they’re working on it. The email attachment works fine for Gmail, Thunderbird®, Mozilla®, Android™, iPhone® and SquirrelMail apps and accounts. Try opening the attachment in a non-Outlook or Hotmail account. If you open the attachment in Gmail and forward it to Outlook/Hotmail, it should work.

When will I get my new HERO5, and when will I be charged?
After we receive your old GoPro, we’ll charge the payment method provided and ship your new HERO5 within 14 days.

I live outside the United States. Can I still trade in my GoPro?
The GoPro TradeUp program is available in the U.S. only at this time.

Why does GoPro want my old camera?
It’s not that we want your old camera (although those original HD HERO™ cameras are pretty sweet), but more that we want you to have our latest and greatest. From incredible image quality and voice control to cloud connectivity, HERO5 is the best GoPro ever—and we want you to experience it.

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