You LiveIt. We Give It. We are kicking off a charitable weekend fueled by your activity. #GoProLiveIt Weekend is a chance for you to participate in virtual events for a good cause. We are donating $1 for each use of #GoProLiveIt all weekend. Learn more at Over the next few days we'll be introducing you to our charity partners. First up, an organization who is turning the tide on global climate change by reforesting our ocean habitats - SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf. The following words are by Brett Giddings, Sustainability Services Manager, SeaTrees/Sustainable Surf. Take it away, Brett.

SeaTrees is the first ocean-focused platform with a single ambitious goal:  Enable people and brands to take direct action to solve climate change - #OceanPositive. A project of non-profit Sustainable Surf, SeaTrees partners with communities around the world to plant, regenerate, and protect “blue-carbon” coastal ecosystems like mangrove forests, kelp forests and entire ridge-to-reef watersheds.

Sunday (July 26) was World Mangrove Day, and at  SeaTrees we’re growing a mangrove restoration project in West Papua, Indonesia - planting more than 200 thousand trees there each year. Every single one of these new mangrove trees: 

  • Creates sustainable employment for 55 local families

  • Protects local villages from storm surges and sea-level rise

  • Provides critical nursery grounds for fish, shellfish, sharks and turtles

  • Sequesters 680 lbs/308kg of CO2 (over the 25 year lifespan of the tree)

To celebrate World Mangrove Day 2020, we’ve launched a made-to-order, customizable t-shirt by coveted Japanese surf/skate artist Yusuke Hanai. The design is hot off the press in California and each one plants 10 mangroves in Indonesia with our local planting partner, Eden Projects.

SeaTrees shirt fundraiser

Mangrove forests can “suck” a lot of CO2 out of the atmosphere. These forests are so productive that they can sequester 5-10x more carbon dioxide per year than any other tropical forest. Want to help solve climate change? Planting mangrove trees is one of the best ways to do that.

Ultimately, SeaTrees is about making ecosystem restoration and solving climate change FUN - kinda like using a GoPro. Experience it for yourself and start your own mangrove forest in Indo with SeaTrees today!

“We use the unique power of surfing to captivate people’s imagination, and inspire them to take action to protect and regenerate our ocean playground - no matter where they are on this big blue planet.” - Michael Stewart, Co-founder, Sustainable Surf